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    Talking Eggs for Breakfast!

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    Good day all!!

    I am super excited to share this only because most everything I've been reading states that Black Skirt Tetras are difficult to breed.
    Well this morning... it happened :)!

    Yesterday I did my weekly 25% water change as per usual, and as per usual I adjust the pH of my water as our well water is naturally alkaline. I had noticed that two of my skirts were fit to explode, so after doing some massive research (few hours, multiple sources), and ruling out sickness, I decided the drop the pH a wee bit lower then I normally would do for my tank to potentially induce them (norm 7.8, added 7.0). Adding it slowly the fish didn't react much during the addition and carried on as normal.

    So.. with that said I ended up on the couch last night, as the husband snores like a freight train, and got a front row seat the moment I opened my eyes to them ripping about the tank, flashing and bumping, eggs everywhere and the rest of my community tank happily enjoying their breakfast of fresh eggs.

    This now solves my dilemma of sexing the black skirts too, 2 females 4 males. I'll keep your posted if I managed to get any fry from this experience.

    I have video of them performing their "love dance" and was wondering what is the best way for me to share this?? I have a youtube account.. so I'll try that and get back to you guys :) ...

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    congrats! and it would be great to see the video. Utube works well for me
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    Congrats on the (potential) fry! works great for me when posting vids
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    29 Gallon: ... Journal

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    Sounds like an exciting night for you! Can't wait to see the video!!

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    It was very exciting!!.. Makes me a little relieved that I managed to make a home comfortable enough for them to do what they do best lol!.

    I will have the video up before the end of the day. We're having a "planned power outage" for a couple hours today so if I disappear don't worry.... I'll be back :)

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    So did you have any surviving eggs after the feeding frenzy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTundra View Post
    So did you have any surviving eggs after the feeding frenzy?
    Hey I'm not 100% just yet, one of the girls is still releasing eggs.. But my platys and cory's are still snuffling about looking for them. Once things settle down a tid bit I'll go in for a closer inspection... Powers going off soon... be back shortly :)

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    I am back!!! Power outage survived and video uploaded...

    It's a little blurry I guess my camera had morning eyes just like me haha. That and I kept getting distracted watching them that I forgot to move the camera a couple times haha. Anyways.. enjoy!

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    Nice video, those danios sure are active!...those reflections are kinda distracting, though...I have windows all over my house, I find that shooting videos at night helps with that...thanks for sharing!
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal
    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers

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    Nice video, thanks for posting. Congrats on the spawning and eggs. I'm envious, I also have some black skirts, they are definitely one of my favorite fish species.

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