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    Default algae wafers being swarmed by everything!

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    i switched the brand of algae wafers that I've been feeding my fish today. It seemed like the ingredients were better in the api algae wafers. I tossed a few into my tank and before I could turn the lights off everything was on them like they hadn't eaten in days! My neons, bloodfins, gouramis, white clouds... everything except for the clown plecos and corys. they were intended for the corys gouramis and plecos but... wow... are they just really good wafers or am i underfeeding my fish?

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    Good wafers probably. I bet they contain garlic and the others didn't.

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    they do have garlic!

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    Talldutchie is correct, garlic seams to make fish more interested in any type of food

    What brand of food did you switch to ?
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    lol I bought some more expensive wafers from LFS a couple months ago and same result - all fish, loaches and shrimp fighting for a piece of it.
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    What are some recommended algae wafers? Like to get them for my fishies for the occasional treat.
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    it's API. There's a really limited selection here. I've been trying to order spectrum but that's not going very well. it should have been delivered by now and in complaining to my hubby about it he mentioned the store had refunded the money. no email or anything saying why they didn't ship and gave me a refund lol.

    I'm glad i asked about the food because it was hard not to refeed them. they looked like they were starving lol

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    I also like hikari, advantage of that is that they sell it in small foil packets so that it stays fresh

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    I have the Hikari as well, but the only fish that show any interest are the corys and the BNP....snails get most of the algae wafers I offer
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    The orange packet wafers from Hikari seem to get more interest from more of the fish (tetras/danios/etc), the green packet is appreciated by the bottom feeders but not so much the other fishes in my experience.

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