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  1. Default 20 Gal Planted stocking

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    I have a 20 Gal high cycled low light tank with java fern and anubias nana attached to 2 pieces of Malaysian driftwood (and one miniature piece near the foreground for another anubia). The setup seems ideal for fish that need space but/and like to explore.

    Currently has:
    2 zebra nerite snails
    1 horned nerite snail.

    Other information:
    Aquaclear 30
    Appropriate heater for 20 gal tank.
    Light is a 15 watt T8 bulb
    Gravel is a medium rounded realistic gravel that has a general light pink color.

    I'm trying to decide how to stock the tank. I would love some input from the community. This is my idea so far:

    1 x Betta [Male]
    1 x Horned Nerite Snail
    2 x Zebra Nerite Snail
    5 x Panda Cory
    6 x Head and Tail Light Tetra (or another type of mid level dweller?)

    How does this sound? I enjoy the idea of the playful corys and small but tightly schooled tetra with the betta as a centerpiece. AqAdvisor says I'm ok in terms of bioload. Darker cory against the gravel would be good, and a lighter mid/higher tank dweller like the tetras would be a nice contrast against the dark driftwood and java fern.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    I'm trying to think in terms of bioload, compatibility, aesthetics, etc.


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    If you have a 20 gallon high, you should have no less than an Aquaclear 50 on that tank. A 30 won't cut it.
    I also recommend a prefilter sponge on your intake tube. I piggyback two intake tubes on mine, and have a prefilter sponge on the lowest (exposed) tube.
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    I agree on the extra filter. You want at least double the tank size in rated filtration minimum.
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    Stocking sounds fine though! The floorspace is a little cramped for a school of cories, but they should be fine if they are the only bottom dwellers.

    I don't know how long you've had your snails, but make sure all exits are covered...I had a mass exodus when I tried to keep nerites, and they all dried up. :(

    And be aware that not every betta will do well in a community. Add him last, after floating him in a clear container for a while (breeder boxes are ideal, but I used a ziploc just fine), and have a contingency plan.
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    Yeah up the filtration as suggested and your stocking will work, you could even go 8 on your head and tail lights to make a more effective school.
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  6. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by mermaidwannabe View Post
    If you have a 20 gallon high, you should have no less than an Aquaclear 50 on that tank. A 30 won't cut it.
    I also recommend a prefilter sponge on your intake tube. I piggyback two intake tubes on mine, and have a prefilter sponge on the lowest (exposed) tube.
    Thank you all for your input!
    Great advice!

    I will work on finding an Aquaclear 50 before the tank fills up. I've been doing some reading, and some would recommend adding a 20 instead of replacing the 30 for a 50; something about being able to cover a higher area?

    Is a 20 gallon high too small for such an idea? Or is this more of an aesthetics thing where it just means having to look at a second intake tube?Would it cause too much flow in the tank for my Betta?

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    I've got three small filters on my 20 high, and my betta seems to be doing well (just moved him there two days ago). With more powerful filters, you might consider a baffle to cut the current, or try the lowest flow setting. There are spots my betta just can't go, or he takes a wild ride. As long as there is some calm surface area to feed in, it should be ok. The benefit of a high tank is the flow near the bottom is less intense for them. If you keep the water topped off, the current will be less harsh too.

    Just make sure he can eat and rest...observe closely for a few days.
    I personally kind of like the symmetrical waterfall effect that my multiple filters have.

    And having two filters is a great idea, as people mentioned, for automatically cycling a quarantine tank or for maintenance.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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