Just as William said, Morays are nothing like Ribbons and will take food readily. You will need long tongs/tweezers


As to adjusting your rock, don't bother. The eel will do it on its own and create a pathway and Nooks. It won't take long for it to have several favorite hang outs and you will see the Snowflake hanging out (1/2 the body) of the same spots. They like tight spots and I can understand why, what's a better defence than rock surrounding you? Don't expect to see it for a week after releasing into the tank, it's common for morays to hide in new environments. That said you may worry about death, illness etc. DON'T WORRY! These guys are tough and as I've mentioned before are bullet proof. Immune to Ich, Velvet, and many other common problems. You'll have a better chance in the beginning to spot it when it's lights out as they do free swim, a lot. A major bonus is they eat grocery store food, bought frozen and when on special. Costs me maybe $5 a week for all my Eels food wise. The food is thawing now, smorgasbord day as I'm feeding pacific white shrimp and baby octopus. Definitely two of their favourites. I peel the shrimp while 1/2 frozen as it's already veined so a pinch at the tail the shell pops off and I cut the octopus in half. Video should be up (I hope) just after dinner. 😄