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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    I'd love to be able to know the source of what I buy. Then again I'd also like to see a mandatory label in the stores informing prospective buyers of things like adult size, temperament and dietary needs. Ah well, I can dream...
    I do not think this is a dream. I read MAC's last report. They were going to have a meeting with major actors of the trade. Unfortunately that is when they stopped ...
    I think there are enough examples of change driven by concerned customers to feel it is not a dream :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanboy View Post
    Let me provide this example. Toxic chemicals in paint, toys, plastic bottles ... if a group of consumers did not pressure large retailers like Target to stop selling these products, manufacturers would not have moved towards safer solutions.
    Yes but this is very different from the Pet industry. It is virtually impossible to know for a parent if a certain toy contain toxins. They have to trust the label.

    In the same way fish keepers can demand that fish is responsible collected and not by using cyanid etc. But in the end they can not know how certain fish in fact were caught. And it is also very hard to know how large the wild populations is for the everyday aquarist. Ie the fish keeper can push for certain guidelines and values to be followed but in the end only the trade can impose and follow those rules. It is also remember that in many cases the income from fish collecting can be what protects the river from other larger dangers.

    In a toy you can test for toxins. With a fish it is impossible to know how it was caught when it is in the aquarium store. We can only hope for responsible shops and that they tell us the thruth if we ask. However as we all know. Many stores lie and even more dont have an idea. We can demand more knowledge by using our consumer powers, but it is hard to prevent lies.
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    The vast amount of people choose to not understand what they are getting themselves into pet wise; whether properly informed or not. This comes from arrogance, ignorance, and the belief they can deal with the situation or it doesnt really matter.

    I managed a LFS while in college...saw this every single day. People would be informed and most would not make the responsible decision. If we refused a sale, they would go else where and purchase that animal and come back into the store at a later date to brag about how it was fine.

    Another example is owning various breeds of dogs...people make an ill thought out decision and then the rest of the lovers of the breed suffer for it. I have owned large guard breeds and pitbulls most of my life, didn't move with my 12 year old GSD/Timberwolf mix due to his severe dog aggression...he lives with my parents because I live in town with a small unfenced yard.

    Yet another example are reptile keepers...especially venomous keepers. I fully support an individual's right to keep venomous snakes, I myself would absolutely LOVE to have a rhino viper or king cobra because I find them to be beautiful animals. I however acknowledge I do not have the time, space, education, or ability to properly tend to such animals. I *could* go to a herp show and buy one...however I have enough common sense and foresight to educate myself.

    IMO it is the INDIVIDUAL hobbyists responsibility to educate themselves, thus make responsible choices. Yes I fully support more information especially correct education on species. However no place of business is responsible for the animal once it leaves their hands. There is more than enough easily accessible information out there which is free to anyone willing to extend an ounce of effort to look for it.
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    The conclusion that I`ve reached on the subject kinda falls in line with most others here. We deal with fish that are Bred in captivity , and would be unable to survive if reintroduced to the wild. On the other hand , due to my having an aquarium , I was able to rescue a small Crawfish , with no claws , a few legs missing , and in a hole with a much larger one , that would have killed him within an hour or so. No , I didn`t save the planet , but , I got a great tank addition , and happy to have it, He`s now 4 months old , healthy and happy.

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    Research. You won`t find out everything , but at least compatibility ,feeding habits , that sort of thing . i always ask question at the LFS, but i`m never too sure about the answers i get. That's why i joined this forum , i might not get the same answers from everyone , but it gives a good guideline

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    Quote Originally Posted by William View Post
    We can demand more knowledge by using our consumer powers, but it is hard to prevent lies.
    It's impossible to prevent someone from lying to you the first time, but once you've found out they've lied or don't know what they're talking about, you then have the power to go elsewhere, and to inform others of your experience, so they can choose to not do business with people who are dishonest or incompetent. In the end, if they screw over too many customers, their bottom line will suffer. Word gets around.
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