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Thread: 10 gal stock

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    Default 10 gal stock

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    ok so I can only have one tank and can't upgrade(mom won't let me) so I was going to ask about stock so here's my filter, light
    1.Aqua-Tech 30-60 Power Filter
    2.Aqua Culture mini fluorescent aquarium bulb rated 600 lumens

    And here's the stock
    1.anacharis punch from petco
    2.dwarf baby tears on lava rock from petco
    3.marimo ball from petsmart
    1.1 2" zebra danio
    2.1 1" zebra danio
    3.1 1.25" male mosquito fish
    4.2 1.5" female mosquito fish
    5.3 baby mosquito fish more on the way
    6.2 1.5" otocinclus
    7.1 very old 3.5" male betta size includes fins
    8.1 2 or 2.5" upside down catfish
    9.1 wild caught female crawfish here's a
    could I add anything else I want add 10 ghost shrimp(there's a sale at my LFS 10 for 1.99) for the crawfish too eat

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    I wouldn't put an upside down catfish in a 10 gallon. they are active animals and even the smallest species exceed 4 inches in length.
    I also would not recommend the crayfish. there is a high chance your other inhabitants will eventually vanish one by one.
    ghost shrimp would live in a 10 gallon, but since you only wanted them as feeders it would be pointless without the crayfish.

    Some people consider danios too active for a tank that size, and they also are schoolers.
    the otocicnlus will require broadleaved plant cover , and would appreciate a few more conspecifics as well.
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    ok but could it work for about 9 more months.

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    Don't add anything more.

    Your stocking sounds a lot less than ideal. Could it work for 9 months? Probably, but a betta can live in a cup for 9 months....doesn't mean it's good.

    The crayfish is going to eat whatever it can catch...especially baby fish. If it's wild caught, can you return it?
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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    Why 9 months? I am assuming you don't have any fish in this tank yet and are asking whether your list is appropriate?

    As the other poster noted, the crab could potentially make meals of some of the smaller fish and I agree that danios don't belong in a 10gal tank - they are very active - I think you have too many fish listed for that tank.

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    no everything I listed except the ghost shrimp are in the tank the reason I'm over stocked is I can only have one 10 gal tank until my parents buy a house and we move so I'm over stocked but can I add the ghost shrimp ghost shrimp so my crawfish won't eat my beta's fins again?(oh and it's a crawfish not a crab )

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    I want to add some cypress wood to my tank this wood I found on my grandparents farm I soaked it in a bucket of water for about 2.5 weeks and then ran it through a dishwater without soap of course and then soaked it in water for another week and no more tannins came out but it won't sink so what should I do?

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    Silicone it to some rocks? Or drill a hole in some slate and secure with a stainless steel screw
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    I apologize I can't advise on the wood, but I'm thinking that having shrimp in the tank will not prevent the crawfish from nipping at the betta - and the more the betta gets nipped, the more likely it will become ill from the stress. Why put your betta through that?

    Is there anyone you know who has another tank who could take some of those fish off your hands - overstocking a smaller tank in preparation for a larger one is not the best idea unfortunately because the current fish still have to live in less than ideal conditions you know? The more crowded fish are, the more likely they will become stressed due to lack of space and you might find yourself with an illness.

    How often are you changing the water, how much at a time and are you checking your water parameters?

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    Sounds like you've already experienced the potential for destruction of crawfish. Unfortunately giving it shrimp will not be a long term solution. It may be distracted for hours or days, but then once all the shrimp are shredded to bits the crayfish will turn its attention back to its tasty tankmates.
    I would not release the crayfish back to the wild, for the reason that it may introduce pathogens that wild animals don't have an immunity to. Have you considered posting an ad on craigslist, kijiji or an equivalent second hand site to find a more suitable home for the crayfish?

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