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    Remember not to get all the fish at once, slowly stock over 2 weeks or so
    i hear some people say, "i kept a goldfish in a bowl and it lived for a year."
    they don't know how lucky they were and all goldfish live at least 15 years in proper conditions.
    that is equal to saying my human lived in his closet for 5 years!

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    He did a fishless cycle, so he can stock all at once. If he dosed to 2ppm, he can stock all the Harleys, as they are small fish. I would wait a few weeks to add the Cories (and up your school to 6) and the BNP. Because they are botttom dwellers, you want to make sure your parameters are stable, especially nitrates (nitrates are stronger at the bottom of the tank). Not sure about when to add the Betta.
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    + 1 to Gronlaua if you cycled right, you should be able to stock the whole tank, I agree with adding the Cory's last but I see that a few members that just cycled added thiers with no problem, I'd still add mine in the manner that Laura suggested though.
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    put in the rest of the plants :D. acclimating some of the fish now. Petsmart only had a few of each so the rest will have to wait till next week. my 2nd piece of driftwood comes in monday and will go on the left <3

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    Yay for adding fish!

    Just a note, once you have stocked some fish, and are no longer dosing ammonia, you will have to add future stock slowly, as your BB will reduce to a population that can be supported by your current stock, which is less than you have been dosing. So your BB will have to build up again to whatever you add next.

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    +1 to the above, that or add more at once
    Current tanks:
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    yeah, i only have 5 harlys and 5 cories atm, though peeps have been reccomending i add another cory, but i hate even numbers... idk why so i'll probably up the school to 7. Would that be too much for the bottom with my BN?

    I'l get 5-6 more harlys next friday to finish their group and... other than that, thats it. heh.

    Everyone is seeming quite happy this morning. Tiger Festival (my female betta, Tiger for short... long story most wont understand. It's an inside thing) seemed like she has a pretty calm disposition. So hopefully she'll get along with everyone. She seems absoultly memorized by Fluffy(another inside thing), the BN pleco. when she see's him/her she'll just float next to him/her and watch. Kind of funny.

    but hot dang these baby fish are poop machines. LOL cleaned my sand last night and went "aaah so clean" wake up this morning to poop everywhere. LOL White sand... looks pretty but SHOWS EVERYTHING. -facepalm- time to siphon that stuff out before i leave for grandma's.

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    Added some neon tetras and really liking the activity now. bought 3 more harlys (someone came in friday and snagged most of them litterally just an hour or so before me) so I still gotta get 3 more but i got 8 neons, though i meant to get only 7 but the guy gave me an extra (found out after i got home) sooo yay for free fish. spent 10$ on 11 fish, saved 11$. haha yeah petsmart is having a huge fish sale soooooo

    but yeah. everyone's lookin good. my tank parameters are still in check. tested before the WC and ammonia and nitrites were 0, nitrates I think werea bout 10, so it looks like once a week WCs is what ill be doing :D (only say that cus i know theres some peeps who do 2) We'll see how this week goes.

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