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    Mine was a bamboo cave about 6-7" long, maybe a 2" opening. It was closed at one end in the beginning, but the end has deteriorated so it is no longer there.
    I've had it about two years and really should replace it. Just hope the plecos appreciate a new house as much as I would!

    I had three spawns very close together. As I mentioned, I didn't save the 2nd one that was kicked out of the cave, but the babies from the first and
    third did great and most have gone to the LFS - about 5 or 6 left to catch, a couple of which are in another tank with lots of plants, unfortunately.
    Haven't had another spawn for a couple of months now.

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    So it's been over a year - stopped trying to make them breed and unsurprisingly I still havent had any luck - I'm assuming my kuhli loaches and cherry prawns would be getting into the nests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philthy View Post
    So it's been over a year - stopped trying to make them breed and unsurprisingly I still havent had any luck - I'm assuming my kuhli loaches and cherry prawns would be getting into the nests.
    I would agree that this might really be the issue. My BNP's were just in a 10g tank with a bunch of breeding guppies. I did nothing extra to "make" them breed and they kept at it. They just got regular flake or pellet food, some algae wafers and zucchini. I eventually removed the female just to prevent any more babies and ultimately sold her with about 45 fry. I've since sold my large albino male along with one of his fry I failed to catch before, who had grown to a good sized male, but brown.

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    Mine would breed everytime I did a very big water change and then added cooler water back. Like a 75-80%. I had high nitrates at the time and unknowingly they bred. I was feeding them a mix of Hikari wafers and regular fish food, but they also had driftwood-which the female ate a lot of. They had 75-80 babies and he guarded them. No fish store wanted them-at least they didn't want to give me credit for them. No takers on Ebay or Craiglslist for them either, so after the fist batch of babies I would watch for the signs of eggs and get rid of them as soon as I could. The golden barbs and other fish appreciated the caviar. Felt bad for the male, but couldn't deal with raising another 80+ babies to just give them away.
    75g. heavily planted/CO2 w/ DW. Stock: tetra, gourami, cory, oto, loach, threadfin, pleco, shrimp, snails and Neptune (betta)
    5g. planted w/DW, and female betta
    5g. pending tear down
    10g. CYCLED!!! Orange shrimp, and Chili rasboras
    20L CYCLED!!! Blue Pearl Shrimp, Epsei and CPD

    My 75g:
    My 10/20Lshrimp tank:

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    If you have anything that can really pester the male then he'll either not breed or he'll abandon the eggs.

    I've had a problem with shrimp where there are now enough to force him to abandon the eggs. Having reduced the number of shrimp by more than half (and another reduction is coming) he should get back to breeding.

    Mine really got going when I moved them to a separate breeding tank. So don't give up hope.
    My journal....Swimming in South Africa:

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    I had the same problem initially, when are they going to get started, followed by a population explosion that the tank couldn't sustain. I have 4 bnp's now that aren't breeding. I provided wood arranged with hollows to provide nesting / hiding areas.

    Unusually I have nothing more to add...

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    thanks for all the tips, i think I'll have to move them out of the "community" tank if I plan to try breed them again

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