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  1. Default Trying to Breed Bristlenose Plecos

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    I currently have a male and female bristlenose, both about 3 inches long and house in a 30gallon tank with a variety of caves.

    The male has taken to sitting underneath a hollow log, and I see him sometimes wildly whipping his tail and occasionally jsut gently fanning his fins, but im not convinced theres any eggs under the log yet. Is this behaviour typical of setting up a breeding site or can I be sure there is eggs.

    I have done the whole raise temp, drop temp thing to simulate seasons changing and my tanks now on the cooler side at 25.5C (77F)

    The female was quite skinny when I got her and I wasnt havnt much luck beefing her up. Shes been in the tank for months now and looking at her today she is looking a lot fatter and a bit dumpy.

    Should I be expecting something soon?

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    My male is always fanning in his cave, even without eggs, so you never know unless you can see in there. But I've had three spawns and only caught the female once in the cave. So she's been sneaking in there when I'm not looking. LOL

  3. Default

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    I have succeeded in spawning mine twice now, the second time was only 2 days ago.

    I have kept a careful eye on my female to see when she would start to get more bulk. I feed them cucumber and baby marrow at least twice a week as well as high-quality algae wafers. It took roughly 6 weeks for her to bulk up to the point that I was convinced she was gravid.

    The eggs are about 5mm in diameter and are a dark yellow at this stage. I can attach a picture if you want me to.

    They chose to spawn in an 8inch piece of PVC pipe that I had put in the tank. However, the first time that spawned I found that the male had dug a cave under one of the rocks. Sadly, that particular spawning did not end well due to a velvet outbreak. I can also attach a pic of the little guys at about 7 days after hatching.

    Oddly enough, I have not bothered simulating the rainy season and yet they haven't noticed :)
    My journal....Swimming in South Africa:

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    The real trick to spawning most aquatic fish is more related to food... fish do best when well fed and quality food. Great post above me. Feed cucumber, nice algae wafers, lots of oxygen, a nice pleco cave and you generally know when they have bred because you wont find them for a week.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

  5. Default

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    I have a pair of bristlenose, The female was so skinny when I got her that you could see her ribs, shes since fattened up and its been probably 6 or 7 months since I added her. I'm not sure if shes gravid so if you can send post some pics I'd be interested. I'm wondering how you prepare the cucumber? previously Ive put some in without any success, what other foods can I feed them other than algae wafers

  6. #6


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    First of, 25C is not cold. 22c is after the rains for these fish.

    Secondly... the only way to know for sure that a male has eggs is if you drop a tasty snack in the tank and he ignores it.

    Now feeding... these fish all have their own preferences and they can take some time to figure out something new in the tank is actually edible. For adults ideally you want about 80% veg and 20% protein.
    Foods to try:
    Cucumber is commonly given but has little nutrition to it/. Also doesn't freeze well.
    These don't need any cooking, just wash them well and weigh down with a spoon or fork
    spinach, wilt slightly by pouring boiling water over it and waiting a few minutes
    Green beans, brocolli, cauliflower, peas: these you want to soften up on the outside at least a bit so cook for a few minutes. I know people also use sweet potatoe but never tried that myself. I've tried aubergine and carrot but that's largely ignored

    With all of these you may want to consider buying organic if that's available to you since your country has rather high limits of pesticide levels in veg.
    Any of these can be bought fresh, diced as needed and frozen

    Protein you can supply via the algae wafers but you can also try a pinch of any of the commonly available frozen foods.

    Feeding the young is another matter entirely. If you have the option get some pebbles and a clear container of some sort. Place in a sunny but not too warm spot and fill with tank water and a touch of dirt from the tank and let these grow a good biofilm. What also seems to work well for young is spirulina powder.

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    My male kicked his second spawn out of the cave and I didn't try to save it as I still had all of the babies from the first spawn which were only about a month old. Here's what the eggs look like.
    Sorry for the large sideways pic. Not how it looks on my Iphone
    Attached Images Attached Images

  8. #8


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    Important point there from Sue. Once these fish get breeding they don't stop!

  9. Default

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    Thats a cool pic.

    Thanks everyone, It probably didnt help at all that yesterday or the day before I rearranged half of the tank, and repositioned the D shape breeding cave. So far I've seen both the male and female hanging by it,
    as well as the males usual spot under the log.

    I'm curious what diameter the pvc pipe was? obviously 8 inches long right?

  10. #10


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    A good breeding cave or pipe is closed at one end and only slightly larger than the male.

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