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  1. Default Eheim canister - order of media

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    The owners manual that came with my 2217 recommends stacking the media as:
    coarse mechanical media > bio media > fine mechanical pad > carbon

    My question is: can I stack it differently? To my mind, the fine filter pad (and/or floss) should come after the coarse media, but before the bio media, not after. My reasoning being that putting the bio media earlier in the stack would get it muckier quicker (ie. it would double as mechanical media), meaning I'd have to scrub it, meaning I'm tampering with my BB more often.

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    yup, you can put them in any order you want. But you don't need to scrub bio-media - I just rinse mine, and if you are doing it in old tank water or well water you are not risking your BB at all.

    I personally had a sponge on either end, just to keep loose chunks of broken media rock from getting loose. But my bio-media is before the fine filter stage. I hate replacing the fine stuff any more often than I need to.
    Also, you can ditch the carbon entirely. Carbon is only really useful for removing meds and such...many people including myself habitually run filters without carbon.

  3. #3


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    Generally agree with sheamurai except on one point; in the eheim manual, it states that the coarse mechanical media serves to even out the strong but concentrated water flow that comes into the filter. Thus, that should be put in at the very bottom. The rest can stacked in most any order with minimal difference in regards to filter efficiency.
    I think that the eheim arrangement is more due to ease of cleaning. I too own a 2217, and the fine media clogs the fastest. A position higher up would result in you not having to dig through a pile of little ceramic balls to find and clean it.
    Last edited by madagascariensis; 01-17-2014 at 01:50 AM.

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    My Eheim is stacked thusly, from bottom to top:

    Mechanical Media (ceramic)
    Coarse sponge
    Bio media, stuffed as full as I could manage, in mesh bags (ceramic)
    Fine sponge

    It has worked flawlessly so far
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    Important to remember that in the 22xx series water starts at the bottom.

    Mine has from bottom to top

    ceramic pipes to catch the worst dirt
    load of bio media
    another sponge
    filter floss.

  6. Default

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    Thanks folks. I will experiment over time to see what order works best. Will keep the heavy mechanical 'pipes' bits at the bottom to even out the flow, and will see how fast the fine pad clogs in various locations, and also keep an eye on how messy the bio media gets. I like the flexibility a canister seems to afford its owner, coming from a basic cartridge based HOB years ago, this is great.

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    Oh yeah, the Eheim canisters are superb, IMO
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    Main reason for floss on top is that it's quick to replace

  9. #9


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    What is the function of the floss?
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    It's also known as the fine filter media, the whitish fluffy stuff.
    It traps the smallest particles that have made it past the other medias.

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