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Thread: Is this crazy?

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    Jan 2009
    A little further from sanity

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    I still say you will not be happy without the 6ft tank in the long run. How about you put that recliner in the middle of the room and stick a 6ft tank in its place. Keeping with my standard advice... are you sure you need that recliner?
    When I go fishing I just throw sharp rocks in the water and wait for the dead fish to float to the top... Kingfisher
    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is you are stupid and make bad decisions.

    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Filing cabinet in the days of digital documents? Jenn, save a tree and do away with the paper.

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    lol...the filing cabinet holds a bunch of random junk instead of files Not to mention my printer sits on top of it...which the cats love since they often nap on the printer and watch the 50G.

    The recliner is unfortunately necessary as it is the SOs...seems compromise is part of this whole cohabitation thing

    I could still keep *most* of what I want with this setup and honestly I think I would be perfectly satisfied as I will have more water capacity than I have had in many years. My MTS is actually going to grow by around 170 gallons. Before I moved I was running several tanks which totaled ~350 gallons, now I will be running around 520 gallons. The wall of 75s should be impressive enough to satisfy my desire for a 6ft "wow" factor tank. If not...with enough coaxing I may convince the SO we don't really need a bowflex since it takes up far more room than a 180G

    Here is what I am thinking at the moment...ideas and opinions are also always appreciated.

    75G #1
    L# Pleco which gets 10-12"...perhaps an L47 or L14

    75G #2
    Mated Pair of Rotkeil Severums(will buy 6 juvies to pair up)
    12 Buenos Aires Tetras
    6 Hoplo.punctatum Cats
    2 BN Plecos

    75G #3
    1-2 L200s

    75G #4
    Green Terror
    Honduran Red Point
    12 Rosy Barbs
    3 Pictus...or some sort of pleco/catfish

    56G Column
    5 Silver Dollars
    1 Festivum
    12 Corydoras
    1 BN Pleco
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    Get him a gym membership, way more options for him and more fish options for you. Win win.

    Glad you like the 56 gallon column tank enough to get another one. Though with the luck in getting tanks you have you might just be getting it because it comes from petsmart and you should be able to easily get one.

    Good luck.

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    I do like the 56G actually has a surprising amount of space for fish to move. Much more than I had anticipated actually. Much better than other XH foot prints IMO.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    Two questions, could you put a tank in the closet ( just remove the doors and hardware)?

    And you could do a small tank on top of the file cabinet?

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    lol funny you mentioned that we did take the doors/hardware off the closet to help with storage options. I have a shelving unit in there to store all the fish garb and I also have my dog's crate in there.

    My printer is on the file cabinet...I do have a 4G evolve on my desk where the printer technically "should" go.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    Ah ok. You could build a stand that has the lower space for dog crate, second shelf for fish stuff, thirds shelf being a few 20g tanks

    I'm just trying to help you mts


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    Oct 2013
    Frozen Wastes of the Upper Midwest

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    and here I thought having 2 tanks was becoming an undertaking.
    Current tanks:
    37G FW - 3 Pearl Gourami, 4 Black Mollies, approximately 20+ Molly Fry, 5 Assassin Snails | 10G Planted FW - 14 Molly Fry, rocks, DW and an Anubias Nana - journal
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    Eh, these simple cichlid setups are a breeze to maintain. Get a few high tech planteds going or a few reefs now that is a PITA to maintain. These tanks will be simply insert python drain and fill.

    Oh no more MTS...especially not with small tanks. I have vowed off a load of 10-20Gs...never again. Small tanks are really hard to keep going IMO.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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