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Thread: Is this crazy?

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    The good LFS I had locally closed a few years ago. The crappy one a town over also closed about a year ago so I am down to Petsmart which is still around a half hour drive. The next LFS is about 2 hours away and I have tried to order several tanks from them but they just never seem to come in. I could order an acrylic tank online and have it shipped to my home, but with these large cichlids I know it would be badly scratched in no time. Fish keeping in my area doesn't seem to be popular these days we have no aquarium club and you never see a used tank over 55G. I have to order most of the fish I want online, I will occasionally buy a common schooling species locally but that is about it.

    Fortunately I only really "work" in my home office a few days per month, otherwise it is more of just a computer room/fish room. I do have a TV and recliner in there so the SO can hang out with me while I do work or am piddling on the tanks.
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    Slow day at is what the office/fish room would look like with the 3 double 75G stands.
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    oh, yah...after seeing that you gotta do it. One large tank, however nice, can't compete with all the different fish you can keep with this layout....

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    What about a DIY stand, with two 75 gal on top and the 6 foot on the bottom? Even though it's 2 feet shorter, you could easily support the 6 footer on the bottom with extra bracing.
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    It looks like you can move one 75 stand, the 50 gallon, and the floor lamp to have room for 4 double stand 75s. The entire wall and then have the 50 gallon high tech tank beside the recliner. More tanks, More tanks ....... LOL
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    I don't think that drawing is to scale... (I could be wrong though)
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    Im liking this idea more and more...and visibly seeing it even a crappy MS paint knock up does make it seem like a better choice. I can also add tanks slowly as I form plans and not have to rush things or half@ss any projects. I will however buy the 3 stands so that I can get the arrangement of the tanks positioned and then probably add one at a time. I do know that my first purchase will be an A.orbicularis probably sometime in march-april(fingers crossed they remain in stock).

    The drawing is also not to scale, I simply used a square and made boxes for what was in there.
    Last edited by MCHRKiller; 01-17-2014 at 10:49 PM.
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    Drfostersmith has their 75 gallon metal stands on sale for 85. They have to be assembled and aren't the solid iron ones.

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    Thanks! I have used those Titan stands many times in the past...actually very quality items and do fit 2 tanks of the same size. Very good for MTS sufferers
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    I say get rid of the file cabinet, desk and T.V and put in a 125 or 150 too.

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