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  1. Default Found this, pretty cool!

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    Found this old computer surge protector. A little work with a label maker and it'll be great for my tank! Especially during water changes!


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    yea that would be awesome for a tank. haven't seen one of those in over a decade
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    Perfect! Somebody needs to market a proper power centre for aquariums. After searching the web on this subject I've also learned that cheap plastic power strips can burn or melt after years in a humid aquarium setting. Good metal ones with individually wired outlets instead of the internal metal straps are recommended. An ideal design would be meant to be mounted up high in the cabinet, have a bracket that would extend beneath it to 'enforce' drip loops in the cords, and GFCI. Finally, individual switches like this are perfect. When I change the water, I could click off the heater easily instead of yanking a cord with hands that hopefully aren't too damp. Years ago, I used a lamp cord with a switch half-way along it for the heater which is in retrospect, pretty janky. Someone get on this :)

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    Found this online - not sure of the quality, though.
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    I have my lights plugged into the wall, and everything else plugged into a power bar. I flick the switch off on the power bar to feed and do maintenance, and the lights can stay plug pulling. But a proper power bar for aquariums would be nice - tho I expect rather dear too. I remember the timer unit for my reef tank was almost 100 bucks, sheesh.
    And some of the ones you can get for electronics are crazy priced...cost more than a decent bluray player.

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    Guess I'm lucky. My intakes are low and my heater is as everything stays on with my water changes.

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