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Thread: Lights!

  1. Default Lights!

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    I'm brand new and about to set up my first aquarium, and need help choosing what type of lighting / hood system to invest in. I've read a general overview of the different types of lights (LED, etc) so I'll know what you're referring to, but as for what specific kind of setup would be best for me I honestly don't have a clue.

    Here's the setup. Tank is gonna be a 125 gal Aqueon (3 hood spaces) and house more than likely Gourami, Rainbows, and Angelfish. I'll probably want to try my hand at growing some plants in there as well.

    As for what kind of light setup would be best for me I'm all ears. I've briefly read some information on some LED setups that I believe were modular, in that you could move, add or replace lights within the row as needed, at least I think that's how it worked. If so then that sounds sort of useful. To me the idea of future expandability is appealing. I also like the moonlight effect. Because of a picture conflict I'll want to avoid light setups that hang from the ceiling.

    Cost wise I don't mind spending a little if it's worth it. I'm thinking around $300 although that could probably be worked up a little.

    I'd be happy to hear what ya think. Thanks.

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    Knowing a little bit more about some of the types of plants you would want would be a little helpful as well. Low light requiring plants would give you a lot more options for lighting than higher demanding lights can.

    Just stay away from the LEDs that are meant for a marine set-up as they will have a bluer light ton which is not the best for a FW set-up
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    As Cliff said, we need more info about which type of plants you want to do.

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    As for what kind of plants I'm really not sure yet. To be honest I've been dragging my feet to get this tank going for a while now. And now that I'm in the equipment buying mood I think it'll get itself done once I get this last major piece taken care of.

    Something I forgot to mention in my original post...requirement is that no light escape between the light fixture and the top of the water. I suppose that would restrict me to a 3 light/hood combo setup designed to fit into the tanks three openings.

    If there's light models that allow for different bulbs to be fit in thus allowing for future flexibility then that's probably the way I should be leaning.

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    Sounds like you will be limited to the lights that were built / meant to be used with your current hood and stick to plants that will do well under that lighting, or, you could buy or build a canopy for your set-up and then get pretty much almost any type of lighting the would meet the requirements of your plants
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    Thanks for the advice and sorry I haven't been able to get back here for a while.

    I'm a novice and I know I'm doing this backwards, setting up the lights before I know more about what I want in the tank. But if I don't go ahead and get just some kind of equipment to get this project started then I'm sort of stuck with not knowing where to go.

    I've gotten a better idea of what I want now so hopefully I can narrow it down to something specific with a little more advice.

    Tank dimensions are 72 x 18 (front to back) x 22 deep btw.

    Firstly I'm dropping the idea of using only a light that was specifically designed to be used with this Aqueon tank. I see now how limiting that would be. I'm def handy enough to build something to block out any light escaping from an aftermarket setup.

    Also, I don't think my tank is going to be very plant heavy. I'd like some larger ones in there but overall I'd like to have plenty of open room to see the fishys swim by. Somewhere in the middle I'd like a big old log with moss growing on it, hanging off maybe. And probably some larger plants on the ends as well as behind the center log. The grassy Cyperus Helferi is nice so I'll probably be using a bit of that. Again whatever ends up going in I'm sure it'll never be too dense with plants. I'm aiming for mostly viewable room in the tank.

    I'll be spending a lot of time right next to the tank and I generally don't like super bright lights. So this leads me to think I'd better stick to low to medium light requiring plants.

    As my living area is always quite warm I'm thinking I should go with an LED setup even though people have suggested to go the bulb route with plants. I know this is freakishly hot but right now my house is at 79. As it is I'm probably going to have to become more conscientious about lowering the house temp when I'm gone so the tank doesn't risk overheating.

    For now I'm saying CO2 is not going to be considered. Not because it's too complicated but just because I've always aimed for this tank to be as simple to maintain as possible. Maybe an option for later.

    I've got the suggestion that you can't go wrong with 6500K color temp. Sounds good to me. Does this type of color measurement apply to the LED light systems as well?

    The USA Satellite looks good although I haven't found a version large enough to fit a 72" tank. Guess could get two of the 36" units. I wonder if one remote control would control both units at the same time. I've written them to find out.

    Instead of a tank that is lush and grows quickly I'd rather have a tank that doesn't grow so fast and is easy to take care of.

    Have been told to stay away from LED systems intended for salt water environments as they'll have too much blue tint.

    Dsuny FW LED, Finnex FugeRay and Planted Plus LEDs, and BMLEDs have all been suggested.

    This may be the amateur coming out in me, but after a quick look over all these suggestions I'm swayed toward the Satellite LED honestly because of the remote.

    Any more suggestions or ideas now that I've narrowed my parameters down a bit?

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    usually with those larger tanks you do end up using multiple lighting kits to span the tank. Even with bulbs most of them top out at 36".
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