So my new 20 gallon high setup is almost complete. It is up and running and i thought i would share my progress on it. So far the equipment on the tank is:
A fluval 306 canister with LR rubble
2 deep blue truelumen pro strips ( 12")
2 12k diamond white truelumen pro strips (12")
1 marine fusion truelumen pro strip (24")
An aqua c nano remora with cobalt 1200 max jet ( with surface skimmer box)
I plan on adding a apex jr controller and a hydor smartwave pump controller with hydor koralia nano circulation pump.
So far my livestock is:
1 large frogspawn (ready to frag)
1 large branching hammer (ready to frag)
1 x-mas favia
1green clove polyp frag
1 green star polyp frag
Various zoa frags that will make up myzoa garden
1 snow flake clown
1 semi picasso percula
( i am trying to get these clowns to pair)
2 peppermint shrimp
Various crabs and snails
Please respond with recommendations, questions, or tips. I will be posting pics as soon as i can.