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  1. Default Do you have any suggestion for what fish to get for Algae control.

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    Hi all

    Do you have any suggestion for what fish to get for Algae control.

    I have a 90 Gallon tank with gold fish (about 12)

    It does not have a heater, but I do have a bubble and a sump
    Here are the fish I did some research on:
    Longfin Bristlenose Plecos
    Rubber-Lipped Plecos
    Black Molly
    Otocinclus Cats
    Butterfly Goodeid

    Thanks Brian

  2. Default

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    brown algae

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    I had a bit of brown algae about a month after I got my tank up. I just ended up getting one of those magnetic floating scrubbers and clean the glass up and it seemed to settle down. That and put a timer on my lights and do a few daily water changes.
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    With goldfish being so dirty, I wouldnt recommend any of those options as they are just as bad on bioload... I would recommend adding plants to absorb excess nitrates in your refugium area of your sump or add something like java fern, annubias and hornwort which will absorb excess nitrates and help clean water better than another pooping fish. Additionally you may want to set your lights on a timer as brown algae is usually a symptom of excess light and unremoved nitrates in the water. Also upping water changes will help.

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    I'd go as far as to say adding any of the algae eater on the list will be a really bad idea and will kill the fish in a few months.

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    The most important question would be why you have an algae problem in the first place.
    What's your maintenance routine and water change schedule and volume?
    What are your water parameters?
    Substrate? Plants?
    How long as the tank been set up?
    What temperature range is this tank kept at throughout the year? Please detail summer and winter temps as it is unheated.
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    Right now I do not have any lights and have put in a air pump

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    That's not really answering the questions but ok. I agree with the above posts that it might not be a good idea in a potentially already over-stocked tank.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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