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    Question Should I add a shrimp/some shrimps to my 30l?

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    I have a 30 L aquarium with lots of decor and plants. I have five small, passive fish in it. Would it be a good idea to add a single shrimp, as to avoid rapid breeding?
    Would a single shrimp be happy enough? If not, if I added a pair, how many babies would I be having exactly in what time frame? How feasible is selling them online once you've gone through packaging costs etc.?
    Thanks :)

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    Some species of snail don't breed in freshwater, so you might go with a few of those rather than just one shrimp.

    If I was going to get a single shrimp, I would get a bamboo shrimp.

    Plus, you'll want to make sure your fish aren't shrimp eaters - fish generally eat whatever fits in their mouths, so your shrimp will have to be of sufficient size not to end up as lunch.

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    Based on your question you seem pretty new to the aquarium world. I would hold of on getting shrimp for atleast a few more months to give you time to get more experince since shrimps can be sensetiva (compared to beginner fish).

    No one can tell you how many babies you will get in what time frame. There are way to many factors to consider to even be able to make a rough estimate.
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