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    Apr 2014

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    Default Melanotaenia Praecox Problems

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    I am a little bit worried about our melanotaenia praecox. We introduced them to the tank a couple of days ago and then added a three more fish (tiger barbs). Ever since we got her, the praecox hasnít really been eating, and she has been sort of hanging out on one side of the tank, hiding among the plants in the back. Today, she came out and I noticed how she seems to almost be gasping every once in a while and I also noticed the prominent white spot on her "lip." And then, I realized that the silver shimmer I thought I saw on her scales might actually be white spots.

    What could be wrong? Could it be columnaris?

    I have attached a few images:


    You can also see a video of her gasping here (0.37 for gasping):


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    Looks like ich to me. And that's a male praecox (red fins). The spots and gasping are signs of ich. If that's it. raise the tank temp to 86 deg, no salt, no meds. Keep it at the temp for 2 weeks after you see the last spot.

    What type of filtration do you have? Airstone? The high temp will deplete the oxygen in the water. Make sure your filter is doing a really good job of breaking the surface tension or add an additional airstone to oxygenate the tank.

    How many praecox do you have? They need to be in a school of at least 5, the more the better. Your dGH should be 10, with excellent oxygenation or they will not do well.
    Last edited by gronlaura; 04-21-2014 at 11:15 PM.
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    I agree with gronlaura that the side spots look more like ich to me.

    And maybe its me, but it looks like in a couple of your photos that your tiger barbs also have it.

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    It would be best to treat the whole tank regardless and I agree on the treatment method.
    Last edited by Taurus; 04-22-2014 at 04:43 PM.

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    I agree. Looks like Ick

    The spot on the mouth seems to be common (my melatonia all have it)

    You need a school for the rainbows though, I'd recommend 6+ at the min, and the tiger barbs are a very bad mix = stress which probably contributed to the ick breakout

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