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    Default Tank Stocking Questions

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    Hey, i put some new fish in my 25g tank today. Tank had only a full grown synodontis eupterus.

    I added today 3 guppies (one male two females), a mystery snail and an amano shrimp (those 2 for eating algae).

    The amano shrimp walked around a bit and when synodontis came close to her she went and hide and hasnt been out for some hours... Is he gonna eat her?

    Also is the mystery snail and amano shrimp gonna be enough for algae eating? If not what do you suggest?

    Im thinking of adding 3 more guppy (1 male 2 female) and 6 neons (for middle dwelling). What fish do you suggest i should add for it to be peaceful and how many fish i could add?

    Thanks for answers in advance ;)

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    An 8 inch syno is a lot of fish for a 25g. I'd consider the tank too small. The Syno is certainly going to consider having a go at the amano but an adult might be a bit too big.

    For algae I suggest preventing them by either having plants to absorb the nutrients or managing the lights and water parameters to keep the tank so clean that they don't get a chance.

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    Wait a while before adding more, your BB needs time to grow and catch up to the bioload.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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    No idea what your history is with fish so im going to base my advice as if you were a complete novice:

    First - Focus on the fish you already have and find propper housing for those that dont fit. IE the syno is going to eat anything it can fit in its mouth... get it to a new home considering the other fish mentioned.

    Next - what are the reading of your tank for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? (if you do not have a test kit a water sample at a local fish store will tell you)

    Next - What is your end goal for this tank? As in planted, clown puke gravel with fake decor, bare, driftwood with no plants...

    Next - understand that tank care and upkeep is the primary responsability of the owner... no fish eats poop... Water changes to remove fish waste are required in the tank, not just topping off water when it drops.

    Next - Have you thought about cycling this tank? Are you aware of the nitrogen cycle?

    Next - what filter is on the tank?

    Lets start there and then we can expand on what you can put in it...

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    He said full grown synodontis eupterus which from what I dug up can range from 6-10+'' so if it's on the smaller size he could possibly keep it in there but a 10+'' fish in a 25g is def. not the best idea. I've had large catfish and I'd like to echo what others said if it can fit in their mouths they will eat it period it WILL happen eventually if not during the day at night I'd wager so you basically just gave that guy feeder fish most likely.

    Sandz and the others basically laid out everything else I would of said.
    Long time fish keeper most experience with CA/SA cichlids, natives like sunfish, and aggressive catfish.
    Currently have a 29g planted with 14 candy cane tetras, 6 sterbai corys, 6 melini corys, a rescued Siamese fighting fish and 1 mustache wearing albino longfin pleco.

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