Colleges only allow aquariums of 10 gallons or less. I'd be pushing my luck with a 20 gallon. Hopefully things work out and I manage to stay in an apartment with my older brother, but to be safe I don't want to establish any new tanks above 10 gallons.

After a bit of thinking I decided to set up a new filter, an Aquaclear 50, on my 20 gallon and I added some cycled media to it. In the next few days I'll be setting up another 10 gallon and moving my Bumblebee Catfish into it. I'll also be moving one of the Tetra Whisper 20 filters from my 20 gallon to the new 10 gallon. I'll also increase the 20 gallon temperature to 79f so my Panda Cories and GBRs can live together comfortably.