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  1. Default Yo yo loaches appear to be hiding more, especially the "leader" of the pack

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    As of the past 2 weeks, I've been noticing my yo yo loaches hiding more than usual. I've done two 50% water changes and a 30% water change in this time frame, along with changing the entire layout of the aquarium by rearranging all the ornaments and driftwood. I'm still seeing this behavior and I'm not entirely sure what's causing it. I've had them for quite a few months now and they have all been very active, grown really really fast, and have appeared to be content with their surroundings until lately where I barely see them unless I place food for them. I'd say the least I see out of any of them is the biggest one which I am 95% sure is female. I know they are known to hide, but I've had them since they were really small and they've always been outgoing. Nothing has been changed drastically as far as I know.

    I did a water test about 4 days ago and all levels were the same. I did my 50% water change a few hours ago and will be testing water levels tomorrow morning, but I'd like to know what an ideal temperature would be for my tank setup below.

    My setup is as follows for a 55g:

    6 yo yo loaches
    4 clown loaches
    Two guppies
    Two 5-6 month old guppies (Had them since they were fry)
    3 Platys

    All my other fish seem to be showing normal behavior.


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    Could it be that they are nervous due to the recent spate of changes to the tank? If so, they should regain confidence after a few weeks.
    On an unrelated note, I don't know whether it is a good idea to keep clown loaches in a 55 gallon. I hope you are aware of their adult size?

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    Just a notion, not sure as you should be able to observe the behavior - but perhaps now that they are getting bigger, the clown loaches may be harassing the yoyo's.

    Also, it does sometimes take a few days for fish to recover from a really big landscape change, and more aggressive fish may take over new territory once the old "boundaries" are gone.

    Yoyo's generally are pretty outgoing, so there is definitely something going on.

  4. Default

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    Sorry for late response. I definitely understand that the tank size I have is small for clown loaches as they reach adult size. I plan on returning them to the LFS once they grow at least 5-6 inches if that's OK. I don't see anything that indicates that the clown loaches are harrassing the botia loaches. In fact, everything I see, it seems that the botia loaches are harrassing the clown loaches, whenever I drop algae wafers, haha. They are much longer in size compared to the clown loaches. I will post pictures soon.

    Also, I finally had a chance to test water levels this morning including GH & KH (Little confused here). I'm still seeing the "hiding" behavior, but not as much as before. The biggest botia loach still seems to still be hiding and seemed to hide whenever I would look at it. It's odd, but everytime I would look at it, it would hide. It's as if it was following my eye. I made very little body movement while next to it. My guess is that the recent attempts at trying to capture the one skinny loach I have (all failed attempts) have scared them to the point where they are really startled anytime I come near them. So I am going to hold off for a few weeks as suggested. Please see results below and also pics of the results if anyone can confirm otherwise based on the colors.

    Here are the results:

    76 Degrees Fahrenheit

    7.6 PH
    8.2 HARD PH

    KH (9 DROPS)
    GH (17 DROPS)
    According to the GH & KH conversion chart, it shows max of 12 drops even though I have more than that. I'm assuming I'm supposed to be looking for the combined # of drops, which is 26 and so I'm beyond the ppm rate for GH/KH. Can anyone confirm my measurements? I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong here.

    Last edited by phyl0x; 01-05-2014 at 08:39 PM.

  5. Default

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    Finally got the skinny yo yo out to the other tank by using a small breeding tank I had that I placed inside as of the past 2 days. My yo yo loaches still appear to be showing the same symptons of being completely inactive and hiding until food is placed in the tank. Would appreciate any advice!


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