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That one in the front left could also be willow hygro (angustofolia)

Here are my thoughts:

#1 - remove background - replace with black construction paper
#2 - remove fake plants ;) - I HATE THOSE lol
#3 - lay heater flat

Assuming you have a medium light, I recommend temple hygro in the back left corner, do some vals in the middle to right (the power head will give them a nice flow), any type of wendtii crypt looks nice (and adds a touch of color). You could also do a sword plant, but they slowly get HUGE and will typically dominate for nutrients.
The fakes are very temporary! They are currently shielding my Acistrus breeding cave from too much light. The cave is between the big blue rock and the brown rock. Just below the Angel. I hid it using gravel and silicon.

I thought I had two swords...on the right by the heater.

The background is something that I am quite attached to (personal preferance I guess) so I won't be changing it. It does not stunning in the 'flesh' but it doesn't come out nicely in pictures.

I am quite keen on adding the Crypts!