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    Default Continuing "stocking plans after ..." with photos from LFS

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    Popped into LFS "just to have a look" this morning. I got 6 black neons for the price of 3 (by the same guy who gave me the free betta - might have to let him know I am married as I don't wear a ring lol!)

    I did have a look for all the fish you guys recommended on my other thread, so I could start to visualise. Learning from last time, I took photos this time.

    They didn't have anything labelled "Harlequin Rasboras" but they did have "Copper Harlequin" which looked to be very similar. Can anyone give me a positive ID on that?

    Also caught my eye the "Purple Harlequin" which looked very similar but a different colour tint? Liked these a lot! LFS guy said mid to top of tank. Any personal experience of these guys? Thought the darker tones would look quite nice, making the guppies the only bright thing in the tank.

    These guys were also attractive to me, but the red bling might clash with the guppies.

    And finally the little ones with the blue eyes. No tag on them as they were not for sale as only just arrived this morning and by then LFS guy was serving someone else so I didn't want to bother him. A splash of blue could look nice as once the standard neons are gone, so will all the blue!

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    First pic is definitely rasboras...there are several varieties which act basically the same....I think they are harleys. I am always leery of the made-up names pet stores give fish...don't know if those purple rasboras are dyed or natural. Never buy dyed fish!

    No idea what those little blue ones are...pic is kinda blurry.

    Head and tail lights can get kinda big...what tank size is it again?
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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    Thanks for your input!

    Tank is 55g but the head & tail are my least favourite anyway.

    Don't think my LFS stocks anything that has been dyed so possibly just a slightly darker colour variation? Would def ask if I go for them - am totally against unnecessary interference with animals.

    Blue ones are very light grey/transparent except for a dash of blue colour on the eye. They did move a bit too much for my poor cameraphone - that was my best shot!

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    The solution to this issue of are they or aren't they is actually right on the label.

    The "true" harlequin rasbora has the scientific name "Trigonostigma heteromorpha"

    Now your photo is rather blurry in the label department, but it looks like it says "Trigonostigma espei" which is a closely related fish, but is more commonly known in some parts as the lambchop rasbora. The difference between them is a slight difference in body shape and a slight difference in the black marking on the body.

    The Trigonostigma heteromorpha/harlequin rasbora does come in a few color morph variations that are made through selective breeding. One of which is the purple harlequin.

    Its always a good idea to make yourself a list that includes both the common name given as well as the scientific name.

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    Thanks Trillianne.

    I am ashamed to say I am in the biological sciences ... clearly the excitement of HOBBY makes me not pay attention to anything I would normally take for granted at work haha

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    (by the same guy who gave me the free betta - might have to let him know I am married as I don't wear a ring lol!)
    I always say "don't mess with a good thing", LOL, just kidding....but hey, it IS all girls at my LFS, so maybe I should give it a try (?)

    Yeah right, Mrs. Slap would not be pleased, to say the least...
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    The first picture is indeed T. espie as Trillianne pointed out, it has all the great chracteristics of the harley, I keep them in my 50 gal and the Harley's in the 75 because I like both but don't want to mix.

    The second picture is a color morph of the true Harley, as Trillianne also pointed out, so no need to worry about "dyed" fish if you like this one, I had a small group a few years back that schooled right along with the regular harley.

    Head and tail lights (Hemigrammus ocellifer)in the 3rd picture get to be about 2", mostly the females, and are an "old favorite" in the trade, so they will be fine in a tank as big as yours. They are one of the hardiest and easy to keep of the tetra family.

    Picture 4 are, I'm pretty sure, Normans lampeye (Aplocheilichthys normani), a fish I've never kept but have heard some great things about, staying small and peacefull and will mix fine with rasboras and tetras. They also look better in a well planted tank than a bare dealers tank as do most fish.
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    Thanks for the great info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler1 View Post

    Picture 4 are, I'm pretty sure, Normans lampeye (Aplocheilichthys normani), a fish I've never kept but have heard some great things about, staying small and peacefull and will mix fine with rasboras and tetras. They also look better in a well planted tank than a bare dealers tank as do most fish.
    Norman's are relaxed fish. Do fine in neutral to slightly hard water. Need at least 8 and a lot of cover.

    Trigonostigma do best in softish water with some tannins. Your first pic of the fish in the T. espei tank are actually Trigonostigma heteromorpha by the way.

    I'd say, unless you got rock hard water, get a dozen of those and pick up some catappa leaf. Add a quarter leaf to the tank to get a bit of colour but not too much and you'll see these fish perk right up.

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