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  1. Default Odd foam on surface of water

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    I have a 55g with two pieces of driftwood and coral rock. My fish all appear to be normal and active like usual. I've been noticing these odd foaming thats been producing on the top of the water and I'm not sure what it could be from. Before I put my hand in the water, I always make sure to rinse my arm with water for about a minute, then do anything I need to do. It's been going on for a week now, I just did the 55% change in water 2 days ago and it's back again. I've rinsed everything in the tank, except for the long piece of driftwood. Would anyone know what is causing this, if it's safe, and what I need to do to get rid of it, if it is a problem?

    I did water level test just yesterday and my levels are:

    I also cleaned out my EHEIM 2217 canister filter about a week ago and my aqueon filter 3-4 days ago. Please see pics below.20131229_151348.jpg20131229_151355.jpg20131229_151415.jpg20131229_151425.jpg

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    not a lot of bubbles, really, I wouldn't worry about that.

    You may be dosing a bit too much prime, or there may just be enough outflow to cause the bubbles...

  3. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheamurai View Post
    not a lot of bubbles, really, I wouldn't worry about that.

    You may be dosing a bit too much prime, or there may just be enough outflow to cause the bubbles...
    I'm definitely thinking it may be because of using too much prime. I use a bucket to fill up the tank certain number of times depending on how much I take out during the water changes. This bucket used to be for cat litter (completely cleaned out of course) which shows that it holds exactly 28 lbs (12.7 kg) on the label. On the prime bottle it says use 1 capful for every 50 gallons. I can't top the water in the bucket every time, so I'd say I probably hold about 25 lbs of water. Which means I should be doing dosing the bucket of water with half a cap during each round of topping the tank?Is this correct?

    Just want to make sure my math and reasoning is correct here. All this time, I've been using one whole capful with each bucket of water.

  4. Default

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    Your math sounds reasonable.....but....when I do a water change I dose my tank. I have a 50 gal tank....and even though I'm doing a 50% water change....I put one cap (50 gl) in my tank....then add the water. It's a little overkill...but it's my for me. :-)

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    There's really no need to dose more than whats on the label...companies already post generous doses on their labels in order to make sure the product works in all "normal" scenarios, and to make a profit. I see no benefit at all to dosing more than the recommended dose, and in the case of Prime (not real meds) I would tend to round down my doses, rather than up.

    And yes, your reasoning is sound on the half cap per bucket...

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    If I'm reading this correctly you're dosing a half cap per bucket . A half capful is for 25 gallons not pounds . 25 pounds of water is nearly equal to 2.5 gallons . Your kitty litter bucket held 28 pounds of litter . When I change some water in any of my tanks I use 1 cap in either of the 55 gallons , 1.5 caps for my 75 gallon , and .5 of a capful in my 20 gallon. I hope this helped a little , IMO if you are dosing a half cap for every bucket your using more than you need to .
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    could be the foods you are feeding. excess amounts of cheap foods can cause a film or foam on the surface.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    wups yah elty is right...a gallon of water weighs approximately 10 lbs...half a cap is correct for 25 gallons not for 2.5...misread that.

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