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  1. Default Considering leaf fish and African butterflies for 29 biocube. Need advice!

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    So I officially have the best parents ever. They just gave me another 29 biocube for Christmas! For stock, I'm looking for a few small weirdoes.
    My first fish that I want is a smallish leaf-fish or Ctenopoma. It needs to be something that's happy in this size bio-cube and is willing to eat frozen food for me. I'm alright if it needs a suppliment of live ghost shrimp now and then, but it needs to mostly eat frozens. What about a South American leafy? Those are supposed to be fairly small, for leafies. Will they eat frozen?
    My second fish that I want is an African butterfly fish. Just one, since they can be aggressive to eachother.
    I'm thinking I might get a Polycentropsis abbreviata, which is an African leaf fish. Not an African spotted leafie, just African leafie. Can anyone tell me much about these? Feeding, for example? I'm okay with using feeding tongs to tempt it to eat frozen foods and I'm okay with having to feed it ghost shrimp for a week or less, but I need something that I can get to eat frozen food.
    What about the true leaf fish? The really awesome ones that look exactly like leaves? Can those be coaxed into eating from tongs?
    Do you suppose I could keep an African leaf and a South American leaf in the same tank? They're both gorgeous, I'd love to have them in the same tank. From what I've read, acceptable tankmates include any gouramis large enough to not be eaten. Does this also include other leaf-fish-like fish?
    Is an African butterfly, an African leaf, and a South American leaf too much for a bio-cube?
    How fragile are the true leafs and the African leafs? I know they'll probably be pretty sensitive, but I don't want to deal with anything that's all "Oh look, detectable nitrates. *dead*"
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
    29 sw: Damsel, shrimpgoby, pistol shrimp, waspfish
    65 fw: Rummies, glowlight tetras, pencilfish, darters, ottos, f betta, goby, dwarf gourami, ninjas
    29 fw: Chili rasboras, pygmy cories, P. Gertrudae

  2. Default

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    I have had a leopard cnetenopoma for years size he was as big as a quarter. Hes now almost 6", I would say too big for a 29 gal. Mine is in a 55 and Im wanting to upgrade to a 75. Awesome fish though. Tons of personality, great eye sight so he will snag any food as soon as it hits the surface. I have mine with an african knife and a senegal bichir. The cntenopoma will sometimes chase the knife away when theyre feeding after being hungry but other than that hes pretty peaceful. I could see them being aggressive towards other fish that arent oddball shapes. I had a south american leaf fish, very very cool but hard to feed. Would only eat live fish and bloodworms maybe once or twice. I didnt have access to clean diesease free feeders and he wouldnt eat anything after awhile and I lost him. Get a 40 gal breeder at a minimum for the cnetenopoma and youll be fine. One of my favorite fish of all time. Eats flakes, krill, cichild pellets, pretty much anything. Keep a clean tank and a steady temp and ph and hell be fine just like most other fish.

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