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    You've had some bad luck..... but you're doing everything right!! Time for good news!! Keeping my fingers crossed...

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    I understand your nervousness, but I have a feeling you are going to be fine with the next set of post back after you get the danios home and acclimated and in the tank
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    Don't worry too much just keep an eye on your parameters. When I cycled my 40 gallon QT tank for my first shipment of discus I still ended up having to do two 50% water changes per day to keep the ammonia at .25 ppm so these issues can happen even with the best laid plans. Test twice a day after adding your fish until the good bacteria is well established.

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    I can't believe this is happening AGAIN. This morning 0 ammo, 0 nitrites, 40+ nitrates....did 95% water change which brought nitrates down to 5. Two hours later I put 6 danios in....4-1/2 hours after thta (just now) tested the water and have a nitrite spike....looks like it might be as high as 2, and nitrates have gone up to 10.

    I treated the tank with Prime when I did the water change. I cannot believe that after 3 days of "cycled" parameters that adding fish create a nitrite spike. None of this testing makes any sense anymore.

    Gonna go do a PWC and hope these little guys stay alive until the morning when I can return them to the LFS.
    Attitude is everything.

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    Let us know, after the WC turn the tank lights off, and turn off any ambient light that you can...I'm guessing the danios are stressed enough from being moved into a new tank...if you have not done the WC yet, just let it go undone for tonight, to avoid more stress on the fish (and you)

    Are the fish acting ok?
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    PWC is underway, slap, I figured they might not make it through the night with nitrite that high....I don't know much about danios but they are zippy and seem okay....they kind of surprised me, when I opened the lid to test water they came buzzing on up like they thought they were gonna get fed. So will get some better water in there with Prime and see what tomorrow brings. Bottom line apparently is I'm either going to have to cycle with fish or abandon this tank because what should be happening and what is happening are two different things.
    Attitude is everything.

    40 gallon FW tank: Black sand substrate, lots of live plants,
    10 long-finned zebra danios, 11 neon tetras, 6 platys, 6 julli corys, cherry shrimp and 6 nerite snails.

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    Ok...I am as baffled as you concerning the trItes, but finish the WC and be sure to dose the correct amount of Prime...we will see tomorrow, but don't fret over testing the water any more tonight
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    The only two things I can think of that might be the cause - how much ammonia were you dosing?
    Have you done any kind of cleaning/maintenance to the filter?

    Don't panic tho, just keep monitoring and doing your WCs and dosing prime...

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    Are you sure you have no nitrites in your tap water? That is the only way I can see where you're getting the nitrites from.
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    This can happen if the filter isn't ready (enough bacteria) for the number of fish added. Stuff like this happens to many of us! Your not alone - happen with my discus tank when I added my fish (too many at once and yes, nitrite spiked - lasted over three weeks.)

    Just repeat a 95% water change to get the nitrites down to a safe level and check every day and do a water change as needed. The fish will be ok if you do that.

    Best of luck and by the way, I am not aware that 'Prime' can remove or neutralize nitrite (others will know more. The sources on the net differ on this topic) The thing thing I know for sure is that water changes are the best way in any case and a sure method.

    Aside: it is possible that the ammonium and ammonia in the tap water is being converted into nitrite. The fish combined with the tap may be the cause for that spike; however, just do water changes and the ntrite consuming filter bacteria will grow in time.
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