I'm working on re-vamping my 65g tank, and it's going to be pretty heavily planted, as well as having several patches of nice thick leaves for things to hide in. I'm currently seeing courtship behavior from my glowlight tetras; one is all plump and apparently has some eggs, and there are a couple determined little males who keep going and pestering her.
I also have some pencilfish that are starting to show competition among the males and interest in the females, and I have some bluefin killies that I'm hoping will breed when I get a few more. As far as I know, bluefin killies can hatch without having to be dried out like annual killies... I've read about it happening, at least.
I'm going to have an area of my tank that'll be full of moss and dead leaves and sticks and things so that adult fish can't get in there at all. It's more in there because I'm hoping to get some cherry shrimp to breed, but I realized that maybe it could work for tetra fry.
In fact, there go those two males right now, chasing the female and trying to get her attention. Determined little things.
My total stock for this tank will be:
Female betta (skulks all over the tank but not very good at hunting)
Peacock gudgeon female
Two darters (get under two inches long and hunt things)
Spotted Headstander
Either mated pair of German blue rams or a single one if I can't find a pair, probably a single one
Farowella catfish of some sort. Royal, maybe, or just twig if I can't find a good royal
Five bluefin notho killies (I have two that I think are males, I plan to see if I can get three females
Three checkerboard chiclids (one male two females)
Five glowlight tetras
A total of thirty pencilfish and rummynose tetras. I'm not sure exactly how many of each, I'm thinking probably an even split, and I know there's going to be at least 12 rummies.
Either four-five otocinclus or one small pleco of some sort. It depends on if I find zebra ottos or a nice pleco first. Possibly a green dragon pleco, a starry night, or maybe a zebra pleco if I can find one that isn't too expensive.

So you can see I'm going to have a lot of small fish. I'm not looking to get a whole bunch of fry out of this, I'm just wondering if there's something I can do to bump up the survival rate of any fry that happen to be born. I know the leaves should grow loads of bio-slime stuff that the fry can eat, so I'm thinking maybe that'll feed them most of the time. I feed all frozen foods, one cube of mysis shrimp and one cube of herbivore food, and there are always some tiny bits of food that end up in there.