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  1. Default recommend tank for crayfish?

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    Hi everyone, I'm gonna get five to ten crayfish, five blue marble and five marble crayfish. How many gallons need to be my tank and if they can live together. What u recommend for substrate nothing, sand or gravel? Is true that this crayfish can clone themselves? Thanks

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    Certain species of crayfish can clone themselves.
    The thing with crayfish is that they are highly opportunistic and cannibalistic. You'd need a very large tank to keep all those crayfish out of each other's way especially when molting. Even then, your population might eventually dwindle to one or two.
    If you would like to keep crayfish together, try with dwarf species like orange dwarf crayfish. If you really want to try with bigger species then you should have tons of hiding opportunities.

  3. Default

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    Thanks Madagascariensis, well I think I have to make a lot of hiding place because I order them and they are coming today. The aquarium I'm planning to use is a 3 ft and think is 30g. Is this okay.

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    I've been doing some reading about marbled crayfish. I have a single native crayfish in a 10-gallon tank and I was curious. People raise them for fish food or fishing bait, so keeping a group together is not unheard of. I've seen multiple places recommend that you build a "crayfish apartment" out of stacked short sections of PVC pipe, and that each individual will select one pipe section and make that her home. You might look into doing that.
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    your going to need about a 55 gallon long P.S. marbles clone themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquariumlover10 View Post
    your going to need about a 55 gallon long P.S. marbles clone themselves.
    but do they do it at the rate of pond snails?
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    I'm not really sure but they can breed fast.

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    Thanks everyone, sorry for the late reply. Right now they are in a 30g aquarium. They are doing fine and I make a 3 floor apartment of pvc tube. They grow fast and I think that they have clone, not sure. If they have clone I'm thinking of making another place for them.

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