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    This thread is old, but I'm jumping in anyway.

    Blue eye color is almost always associated with deafness in pure white cats (and I'm talking pure white -even a few dark hairs can change the equation). Breeders use orange-eyed white cats to help reduce the chance of this, as deafness is not generally a good trait to have.

    On pure white cats with one orange eye and one blue eye, often the ear on the blue-eyed sides is not functional, while the other ear is fully functional. White cats with green eyes are usually not deaf.
    There are always some aberrations on this, but I think this is the general rule/trend. My only credibility on the matter is that I'm a cat lady, though. I have eight. And four fish tanks! And two little kids! And, miraculously, a husband still!
    1 - 55 gallon planted community
    3 - 10 to 20 gallon planted betta tanks
    My advice: slow down, think, and be willing to learn. Then you'll be fine, no matter what.

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    For those of you not following my other thread, here's some shots of Polo! A little late I know.

    This was the day after he arrived at 9 weeks.

    Here he was about 3 months.

    And more recently at 4 months.

    However... this is about to turn into an "oh dear god help me" advice thread...

    While Polo is fantastic at using his tray to go "number 2" and has never gone elsewhere (although he quite enjoys standing on it and walking it all over the house), he pees EVERYWHERE. He is my 4th purebred cat and I have had litter-training troubles with all of them, but he is by far the worst.

    He will pee on anything soft that he can dig in -- including but not limited to the couch, cushions and pillows, piles of washing (both clean and dirty!), blankets, the dog's bed (poor Pippi!!) and OUR bed. I covered his favourite peeing couch with bin bags and put a litter tray next to it so he usually used that, but if anyone leaves a blanket or washing basket of washing lying around unattended he goes straight to it and pees on it, even if there is a CLEAN tray right next to it. We keep all his trays immaculate because he won't use them if they are dirty, but sometimes even if they are clean he turns his nose. We use the same litter the breeder used -- wood pellet litter.

    We originally had him in a big crate with a tray, food and bed when we went out because we couldn't leave him out unattended with him peeing on everything. But our vet aka. my partners mother said that it may have been the crate that was making him worse because he associated the litter tray with the crate, since every time we caught him peeing on something he wasn't meant to we threw him in the crate. So about a week ago she told us to stop using the crate, add more litter trays and pretty much grin and bear it.

    Well, he HAS been a little better since we got rid of the crate. We have been leaving him locked in the lounge while we are away and he hasn't made any accidents (that we have found). And apart from peeing in a washing basket a week ago he had been good, until this morning when he peed ON OUR BED, ON MY PARTNER while we were sleeping! This is a new level of GrossIhateyouwhytheheckdidIwantacatinthefirstplace ?!

    Polo was planned to be an inside-only cat since Ragdolls do not learn road skills like other cats -- my last Ragdoll who was run over after I ignored the breeders advice to not let him outside is evidence of that. But now I just feel like drop-kicking him out the door slamming it behind him (sometimes I ask myself WHY I am an animal person?? Animals can be so annoying!).

    Not sure if there is any advice that anyone can give at this point that will actually help that we haven't already tried, but I needed to get the rant out of the system! We are going to try changing litters but I haven't got much hope for that. I just hope its something he grows out of! My last ragdoll was a PITA to toilet train at first but he grew out of it long before this age. He isn't neutered yet because out vet said to wait until 6 months (and she's my partners mother and gives us free vet care, so we have to listen to her even if I would rather have it done at 3 months like we usually do). He's 5 months now so only a month to go before we'll have him chopped, but I don't have much hope that will help either because he isn't spraying, he's just peeing.

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    I guess I never knew cats could be a problem litter training. I've only had females so I don't know if they are any different, but never experienced this issue. My first cat was a stray about 1 yr old hanging around our condo complex. When it started to get colder, I would let her in at night and back out in the morning. Finally bought a litter box to see if she would use it and she did right from the start. I had her 16 years. Had another female that was a feral kitten I took in a few years after the first and had no issues with her either. Also had her about 16 years but she was strictly an in-door cat.

    Sorry I can't offer any help, but I do know someone who had a male cat who started to go on her bathroom rug when she made a change in his litter. So she went back to the old litter and he stopped. Hope the change in litter cures your little one.

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