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  1. Default "Rubberlip" Pleco idling in odd spot

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    My understanding of plecos and everything I've read so far has been that they are nocturnal, they usually hide and come out during the night when there doesn't seem to be any sort of "threat."

    I've had this pleco for about 3 months now. It first started out to where I did not see him feed on anything, he would hide most of the time and ever since I managed to put my new driftwood piece, he got out of his old hiding spot and have been sitting on top of the driftwood to where his eyes are pointed at me and not hiding, in plain sight basically -- front of aquarium tank. As of today and I don't know why, but he's now "idling" on the glass and he's been in that position for hours. Usually, he'll move from his spot if there's wafers I drop in or move around the glass looking for algae, but he's pretty much in this spot, again completely plain sight of everything. I kind of liked him when he was visible from the body up, not the inside :-(.

    Just wanted to see if anyone is familiar with this behavior and if it is anything I should be concerned about. I do 25-45% water changes every 4-5 days, have 4 clown loaches and 6 yo yo loaches and they all are doing well. I have 3 different filters running and tested water levels about a week ago and all was at good levels.
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    I got a rubberlip pleco a little while ago. He shares my community aquarium with a much older bristlenose. The bristlenose is practically never on the glass with the lights on, but the rubbernose is frequently. I know what you mean about wanting to see the attractive side of the fish. Mine doesn't sit still for every long, though... he'll typically show up on the glass for a bit, move around to a couple different spots, and then disappear again.
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    I'm always bemused about the way some people generalize "plecos"

    Doesn't seem to be too bad for a "rubberlip" in a community tank Personally I think that if you want to see this fish at it's best you should design the tank for it.

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    An Odd spot would be outside the aquarium.

    Any surface inside the tank is pretty much a normal spot for a pleco to decide he wants to hang out.

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    Plecos kinda just sit wherever they flop, but if he's returning there's probably something there he likes. Maybe he likes watching you? Some fish will do that... Or it could be he just likes the flow or the lighting there.
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    They're a riverine species from up in the mountains. High dissolved o2, moderate flow and lower temps than most aquarium fish is what they prefer.

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