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    Default PLEASE HELP!!!? Taking over care of a friends very sick betta

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    hello all,

    my new girlfriend's sister didnt want her betta anymore after about a year and a half of care, so I offered to try give it a good home.
    unfortunately she has been keeping it in a bowl with a heater but no filter. the fish has a very large white lump on its right side near the tail. I have attached pictures of the lump to this thread.
    other than that he seems like a strong, healthy, very active betta!
    I have a couple of questions that im hoping someone can help me with.

    1. Does anyone know what the lump is? Is there anything I can do to cure it? what is the best thing I can do for him??

    2. I obviously want to give him a better home, but what is the best thing to do? Should I keep him in his current home for a little while but with a little filter just so he can get comfortable in my house? I have a 100L/26g tank at home with 16 neon tetras and 6 three-lined corydoras. Should I acclimate him and pop him in there? will he and the other tank mates get along? will he be happy in that size tank? is his lump something contagious that the rest of my tank could catch is i put him in there?

    any help would be greatly appreciated! im desperate to get him cured and happy and give him a long happy rest of his life!
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    I am not a disease expert, so I cannot say for sure what that is, however it looks to be an area of exposed tissue that has become infected. Poor water quality is probably the main reason. Fish in home aquaria cannot live without a filter for any decent length of time. Your tank is better than the bowl it is already in. As long as you do weekly water changes of 50% or more then moving it there should be ok. The cleaner water will hopefully help clear up the damage aswell.
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    I agree with Scotty on the diagnosis but would up the water changes to two or three a week. Clean water is your fishes best friend.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Thanks very much for the help! Is there anything I can add to his water to help heal the infection?

    Should I add him to my tank right away or filter his smaller bowl and try to heal him there doing a water change every day or something before I add him to my big tank?

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    Have you also considered lymphocystis?
    It's a viral infection caused by poor water, open cuts or sores, and stress

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    No matter what regular treatment you are going to give I'd certainly support it by adding a piece of catappa leaf.

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    Can't tell you much about the disease, but I can answer your compatibility questions:
    He should be alright with tetras and cories, I don't think he'll bother them. Just make sure he gets enough to eat. Don't add anything long-finned to the tank, male bettas tend to attack anything with long fins. Also, I'd suggest maybe you get him a nice big wad of Java moss, bettas seem to like it and it can help with the water quality a bit.
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