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  1. Default Restocked my tank with Tigers and Platys

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    So I had 3 Platys left in my 55gallon tank, and decided to restock it with 6 more Platys and 9 Tigers and Albino Tigers. Everything I read and heard was that the Tigers will be really food aggressive and I have to make sure the Platys get enough food. Boy was I surprised that two of my Platys are just as competitive as the Tigers. I do have a question though, how long will it take for the Tigers to get comfy? The Platys were adjusted and having fun within hours, but most of my Tigers are in hiding (just got them about 5 hours ago).

  2. #2


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    Problem your seeing is most likely due to the fact you only have 9 tigers. They are a schooling fish and require large numbers. Get that school upto 15ish and I bet you notice a difference. Also if you want a nice colour range, albinos/golds/greens/regular tiger barbs will school together as they are merely a colour morph of each other and not a separate species.

    Tigers also like lots of obstacles, the more driftwood positioned up in the water colum and the more tall live plants you have the better. This makes them feel more secure and less skittish.
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

  3. Default

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    I had read that over 6 was good, hence I went with 9. I think I might give that tank to the barbs and put my platys in my new tank Then I can fill my 55 with just tiger barbs and watch them have fun.

  4. #4


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    Barb tanks are always nice and lively. Keep us updated with pictures as you go along :)
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

  5. Default

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    A 55 with nothing but barbs would be EPIC. How many barbs do you suppose would fit in there? I'm thinking at least 30... I could be wrong, though.
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
    29 sw: Damsel, shrimpgoby, pistol shrimp, waspfish
    65 fw: Rummies, glowlight tetras, pencilfish, darters, ottos, f betta, goby, dwarf gourami, ninjas
    29 fw: Chili rasboras, pygmy cories, P. Gertrudae

  6. Default

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    Now, I'm thinking one Convict Cichlid and 12-15 tiger barbs. What do you think? I'll post pics as soon as I put the plants that I stole from that tank to help cycle the new tank back in place.

  7. Default

    0 Not allowed!

    Here's my 55 (with a few "plants" missing). I've got 13 tiger and albino tigers and one baby convict cichlid :)

  8. #8


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    i think gold barbs are awesome. i have 6 of them.

  9. Default

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    The Barbs don't bug the platties much? I wonder if they are ok with mollies or guppies. No?

  10. Default

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    I took the platties out and left that tank for barbs and my convict Lizzie Borden. I now have proof that my dead albinos have been killed by the non-albinos. I'm down to 6 non-albino barbs. Going to have to rearrange my tank to provide more shelter and less line-of-sight, make sure my male to female ratios are correct, and get the group back up to about 15 or more. My platies are now the dominant species in my 120 gallon (and despite all my efforts to only get female platies) they are as always reproducing like rabbits!

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