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  1. Default Vacuuming Gravel

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    I've had fake plants until just recently. I recently got a java fern and anubias nana. I vacuum the gravel once a week while doing a water change. When I had fake plants I just pulled them out, vacuumed the gravel, and put them back in. What does everyone do with live plants? Is it harmful to pull them out for a few minutes while vacuuming? Should I just vacuum carefully around the live plants?

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    I just carefully vac around the plants. I would not suggest disturbing the plant roots, so only a light cleaning near the plants

    Do you have your java fern and anubias nana planted in the substrate ? They do best when tied off on to some driftwood or rocks.
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    Don't pull up the plants, just vacuum around them carefully. You shouldn't need to vacuum where the plants are because they will use the mulm, just get the gravel that doesn't have plants.
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    Yes, they are planted in the gravel. Good to know - I knew they *could* be tied to driftwood or rocks, but did not know that was better for them.

    I had to google mulm. Great info mommy1 - I never even thought maybe it's best not to give it a thorough vacuuming; the plants use the fish waste. This little ecosystem is so fascinating!

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    I agree with both of the above posts. Take note of Cliff's advice on these species of plant though - they shouldn't be planted in the substrate.
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    It's never good to bury the rhizomes of Java ferns or anubias in the substrate. However, if you left the rhizomes on top of or slightly above the substrate and just buried the roots, it shouldn't hurt them. I have some planted that way, and they're thriving. If the rhizomes are buried, they will rot.

    Just be careful when you do vacuum around them that the upheavaled gravel doesn't end up covering the rhizomes. If it does, you'll have to brush it off of them. I find that when I lift out that vacuum cylindar to move it to a different spot, it lifts up some of the gravel and drops it randomly.

    I have some of my anubias and javas tied to bases, and others on top of the gravel with roots only submerged.
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    From one Anubia "newbie" to careful. I put my anubias in the cracks of driftwood and I guess there wasn't enough water movement and they were rotted in a matter of days. The anubia I had tied to the outside of the driftwood and another to a rock was fine.

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