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Thread: Pregnant platy

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    Default Pregnant platy

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    I have a pregnant red wagtail platy. I am not sure exactly what is happening. I have a 20 gal. FW tank with about four male guppies about 1-1.5 inches long, a bigger black male mollie about 2.5 inches tail included and a silver female lyretail mollie same size as the black mollie. The question is this-the pregnant red wagtail has already given birth once (that i am sure of) and 2-3 babies survived. Now 3-4 weeks later i have a new batch of 3-4 babies that are about pencil eraser size. But the mother is still hiding under a rock which makes me think there are more coming. When she did come out briefly, she swam wildly, running into the tank walls, her abdomen was smaller, but still enlarged and went back into hiding again. So, my question is- I badly need to do tank maintenance- vac the gravel and wanted to add API algae fix. What cautions should I take here ? Thanks.

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    I'm thinking you could just be really careful when doing a water change - keep the siphon in one spot of your tank so all the fish are encouraged to stay on the other side and vacuum that area really well?

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    Here's a suggestion for you; herd the fish to one side with a net, vacuum that side really well, and pull the siphon out. Then, if you feel like you absolutely must clean the other side right then, repeat the process for the other side. Since you only have a few fry, you ought to be able to keep track of them. I'd also suggest vacuuming into a bucket and checking it really really well afterwards... That way if you do slurk up a fry, you can get him back into the tank. I don't think being siphoned up will badly hurt a fry, just be sure you get it out with a cup and not a net, nets are no good for fry.
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