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Oh, and i'm using API 5 in one Aquarium Test Strips.
I am also using the API Freshwater Master Test Kit (only for the Ammonia reading at this moment because my hands have been shaking in the colder weather and using the Master Test Kit for everything is a very lengthy and frustrating task)
Wow, that results color chart tells you nothing!

Pick up the API GH/KH test kit (here is the link) http://www.apifishcare.com/product.p...7#.UqDOPNJUeSo. It is very accurate and easy to use. You base it on the number of drops used to get the color in the tube to change (to green for GH, to yellow for KH). The number of drops is your degree of hardness. To get the ppm number, multiply your drops number X 17.9 (5 drops = 89.5 ppm). Go to www.seriouslyfish.com for fish profiles with water parameter requirements. The dGH is very important when choosing fish for your tank. The dKH tells you how stable your pH is (the higher the number, the more stable and difficult to adjust).