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  1. Default Keeping Just Male Swordtails

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    I've been thinking of getting some swordtails and I was wondering if males could be kept without females as I wouldn't be interested in breeding.

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    Whilst it's not something I think I'd want, I don't see why you can't keep all males together. Lots of fish keepers do this to have maximum colour and activity without all the chasing and breeding behaviour.

    Be aware that swordtails can get pretty large (considering they all look like platies to start with). What size tank are you looking to keep them in? What's your filtration? Decor? Water quality (hardness and pH)?
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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  3. Default

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    I have a 120L (approx 22 USg) tank, currently stocked with 2 C Apisto, 1 BN pleco, and 10 glowlight tetras. AQadvisor has me at about 50% stock level at the moment. Decor is bogwood and live plants (anubias, crinum, AM sword). Filter is an Aqua One Moray rated for 200L. Water is on the soft side and pH is usually around 6.5, I think, my test kit is in a box somewhere while we've been painting the living room.

  4. Default

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    Male Swordies can sometimes pick on the smallest one if there's no females to get their energy out on. Try to get them all around the same size and age. When I double checked your numbers, AQAd told me 65%, so the maximum Swordies would probably only be 3 unless I've got your Apisto species in wrong.

    Additionally, if that's a breeding pair of Apistos I personally wouldn't be adding anything else.
    A severe lack of trichogaster.

    Just because your Gourami is sick does not mean it is always Iridovirus, DGIV, Gourami Disease, et cetera.
    Look at all the other factors in your tank before coming to this conclusion.

  5. Default

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    Thanks for the advice, I was considering them because I was offered some in trade and was told they could help with my BBA problem. Will tell the guy to offer them to someone else

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    Really? You were told those fish could help with BBA (I assume that means black beard algae?)?

    One of the things that is regularly advised on this forum is to not purchase fish to do a job in your tank (if that's what you had in mind) - if I'm wrong my apologies : )

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    You commonly get BBA if your balance is off (lighting, nutrients, CO2). Normally the culprit is a lack of CO2...but cutting the lighting (perhaps split the lighting into two sessions rather than one) or the fertiliser in the water. Do you have live plants?

    Do not buy fish to deal with a problem like algae - it isn't good practice. In my experience, swordtails don't eat BBA. Not very much does.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    yeah u should be able to keep just male swordtails but sometimes if u have only 2 males 1 will be dominant and pick on the other so i would keep 3 or more.

  9. Default

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    Thanks for the advice folks.

    Firefly & Imma, since I noticed the BBA I've started dosing with easycarbo, increased the flow in the tank, and decreased feedings to no avail. I'd never get a fish just to try deal with algae but I looked into swordtails a couple of years ago and decided against them because of the worry of them breeding. When I saw someone offering just males I considered getting some since I have some space in my tank, the algae eating (if they ate it) would just have been a bonus.

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    Have you tried splitting the lighting period?

    You can try cutting the filtration for 15min each day and spot dosing EasyCarbo over the BBA with a pipette. It will bleach it (it'll turn bright red if you have successfully killed it). Leave it 15min and then turn the filters back on (turning them off just maximises the length of contact time with the EasyCarbo concentrate). This isn't a long term solution though - you'll need to find out why you're getting it first.

    Like I said - swordtails won't eat BBA so forget that idea if you're considering it only for algae.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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