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  1. Default Just Set up my First Tank!

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    I work at Petco and saw that a fish tank I really liked was going on sale for 1/2 off. It's a size 13 (I assume that means 13 gallon?) Aqueon and it came with the filter, a net, a heater, starter-tank-setup-guide, some water conditioner, and a trial pack of fish food. I also like that the lights in the hood are LED.

    I got it all set up with some gravel and decorations, got the filter going and I'm waiting for a little bit to turn the heater on, since it says to wait at least 30 minutes after it's been fully submerged in water before turning it on. I also put in the water conditioner.

    I'm wondering when I can put fish in? The water temp is at around 65 degrees right now, so I'm going to wait for it to warm up (then turn on the heater so it stays constant), but is there a way to establish the tank without sacrificing fish in the process?

    I want to get some guppies, mollies, maybe a pleco and/or catfish and I would love some ghost shrimp. :) Are those all compatible?

    Here's a pic of my tank. ResizedImage_1385750108279.jpg

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    Nice looking tank so far . My only advise would be to study up on the sticky on fishless cycling process before doing anything else. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    Welcome to the forum

    The best way to get your set-up ready for fish is to complete a fishless cycle as already stated above

    The is a link below in my sig to a thread here that explains how you can do this. It's pretty easy
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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    Ditto on the fishless cycle. 24 hours or the like is not adequate. See here:

    I'm only a few months ahead of you and wished, looking back that I would have found out a few more things before getting fish. 1) Was the fishless cycling. 2) Was making a plan around getting fish suited to my water.

    Your picks (other than the pleco, which gets huge... I think?) look good but only if they match well with your water. It's possible to adjust your water around your fish but more difficult.

    I also really like for figuring out all the fish / tank / water needs calculations. How does this all sound fellow members?

    ...Cliff beat me to it ;)
    It just so happens your fish here is only - mostly - dead...

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    Oh and fair warning.... in a few weeks/months you're probably going to turn that 13 gallon tank into a quarantine tank and get a 30+ gallon ;)

    Mu-ha-ha! Start saving up.
    It just so happens your fish here is only - mostly - dead...

  6. #6


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    All good advice - most of us learnt about cycling the hard way. Take the time to have a bit of a read through the various experiences of members - you'll get a good idea of which and how many fish are happy in what size tank,. By the way Mollies really enjoy ghost shrimp as a meal

  7. Default

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    I asked my mom if I should start getting fish (she has two tanks) and she said to start with only a couple and gradually add them in.
    I got three guppies and put them in the tank. I hope they'll be okay. :(

    She told me to put some gravel from her tank and put it in mine, so I ran to Walgreens and got some pantyhose to fill with the gravel from her tank and put in mine. Will that (hopefully) prevent my fish from dying? I already love my lil guppies. I'll be so sad if I kill them because I was impulsive and didn't read up enough before I put them in there. :(

    A few more questions - my tank has lines of bubbles in it (you can see them in the pic I attached below). Is there a way to make them go away? Will they go away on their own?

    That's a bummer about mollies eating ghost shrimp. :/ Will bamboo shrimp be okay to put with the other types of fish I listed?


  8. Default

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    You'll want to read the thread on cycling with fish instead (also in Cliff's sig), or possibly house the guppies in your mom's tank for a few weeks while you cycle. Seeding with bacteria from an established tank is a great idea, but it only goes so far. Odds are it will be fine, especially if you keep up with the water change, but the process will subject the fish to unnecessary stress.

  9. Default

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    Her main tank is full of African cichlids, and I think her levels are off in her small tank, since every single one of her fish in there (aside from a single guppy) died within a few days recently. She's had both of the tanks for years, but her smaller one seems to have issues from time to time.

  10. Default

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    I was reading more about cycling tanks and cleaning them, and I'm a bit confused.
    While the tank is cycling, how often should I do water changes? When should I actually clean the tank?
    I'm lost because I'm reading that cleaning the tank involves (roughly) siphoning the gravel every 2 weeks and changing the filter cartridge every 4 weeks (so every other time the tank is cleaned). How do you do this without having to start cycling over if the bacteria you need is in the gravel and the cartridge?

    Also, how do I heat the new water going into the tank? When I first put the water in my tank, the tap water was about 60 degrees. I don't want to shock the fish and kill all of them by putting the cold water in.

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