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    Tranquil and angels... that's a first. Still a group of 5 might work unless a pair starts breeding and feel the need to terrorize the rest of the tank.

    Supplementing these with any tetra from the Hyphessobrycon genus should work. Get 12-15 of those. I'd leave it at that for mid water. If you're going to do sand on the bottom might want to go for 10 sterbai cories. Kuhli are often shy and nocturnal and don;t take the higher temps as well as sterbai.

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    I think i like the Congo and Emperor tetra the most but how would i stock them ? if they are compatable with each other and the angelfish

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    Congo can go either way. Some are manic and race constantly around the tank, others will be less so. In a 55, and since you said tranquil, I'd go with the Colombian tetras (one of Steelers suggestions) I have both congos and Colombians and can't honestly decide which one is prettier. I do know the colombians are very hardy, peaceful and tranquil fish. they group loosely and never seem to get excited.

    As for how to stock -- depends on how you're cycling your tank. If you fishless cycle, you can all add fish at the same time once the cycle is complete (generally 3 - 4 weeks) If you cycle with fish, then yo will want to add them in stages about 3 weeks apart to give your tank a chance to catch up with each addition to the bioload. I would add the angel last. If you add it first, it will have established the entire tank as its territory and may not be receptive to the additional fish.

    if you're not familiar with cycling (necessary in EVERY tank set up) please read the stickies embedded in my signature line. and do ask questions if you have any.
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    Here you go Mike, Congo's and Columbians together with another great looking fish, the Denison barb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikemike View Post
    For this new fish tank i will be getting soon, I want the tank to be a very relaxing and tranquil tank. For example some of the fish I am considering are the Angelfish and discus fish but if you all can think of some fish similar of that nature and help me with stocking that would be great. (And yes i do know about the fishless cycling)
    I have a group of 8 Gold Barbs in my community tank. They look great, fairly active but not hyper, and very peaceful with any fish. They school together and are pretty veracious eaters and a lot of fun to watch. Also, they are a very, very hardy fish.

    For bottom feeders, definitely Cory Cats. In groups of at least 4 they seem to thrive best. If you have an air stone they will play in the bubbles. You can actually tell they're having fun. Also very fun to watch scurrying around looking for food in the substrate, but not as hardy as most fish. (In my experience)

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