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    Default Couple questions about Longfin Bristlenose pleco.

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    I plan on getting atleast one Longfin Bristlenose for my 20 gallon that currently holds 1 gbr, and 5 cardinal tetras. I plan on getting 1 more gbr, and atleast 5 more cardinals. I know that if the rams spawn the pleco will eat the eggs. I'm ok with that because I really don't want another tank overstocked because the fish really liked each other. My questions are, 1, will the rams be super aggressive towards him even when they are not trying to breed? Question 2, is a Bristlenose a good algae eater? I know I can just scrape it off my self but everytime I do that the fish get super stressed and go in hiding for the rest of the day. Plus I absolutely love plecos and really want another one. And question 3, would I be able to put 2 in my aquarium? I know it's probably pushing it but I've always kept my rubber lips in pairs and it really brings out personality. Thanks for the help in advance!

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    1 Difficult to predict, depends on the rams
    2. You could also prevent algae. A 20g with 2 gbr, 10 cardinals and an ancistrus is quite densely stocked whcih may not help. If it's also unplanted matters are going to get worst.
    The bristlenose is one of the more effective algae eating fish..
    3. No. It's already cramped. And what happened to the rubber lips?

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    I have currently have 2 small, slow growing plants in my tank. And the rubber lips I had in my aquarium for a few years with some guppies. I added females and they started breeding and my 20g was quickly overstocked with guppies and fry and long story short I think the rubber lips got stressed out from all the guppies and died. I think one was 4-5 and the other was 5-6. I don't quite remember but they were healthy and happy and I loved them. I thought the answer to 3 would be no... With both the GBR and pleco being bottom dwellers I thought it would probably be a little cramped down there. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Default

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    I've kept long fun albino BN with rams and apistos with no issues of aggression.
    Check out my 55 Gallon, planted, Philly themed community tank! Rummynose and Cardinals, dwarf cichlids, plecos, shrimps

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    How often are you scraping algae? I'm sure you know that you shouldn't purchase a fish to do a job for you - it appears you really like them, but I agree that 2 will be too much for that size tank and they produce a lot of waste as well.

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    Nearly forgot about that. I've got three dwarf ancistrus and they manage to put out a truly amazing amount of waste.

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    @FishfromFilly, thanks for the input! Glad to hear I don't have to worry about that. @imma24, I know I shouldn't, but 2 things, I really like the fish, and when I had my rubber lips, I didn't really notice a huge amount of waste increase. I do weekly water changes and vacuum out the gravel atleast once a week so that may contribute. Right now I'm scraping algae about once a week. Mostly on the glass. It's not covered in algae, but more like just little unattractive blotches. I'm also probably every 2 weeks taking out my decor and cleaning it off. @talldutchie That's the only worry I still have.

  8. Default Couple questions about Longfin Bristlenose pleco.

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    Definitely too many fish for small tank. Cardinals get bigger and fatter. Two male plecos in that small space may have issues with territory if each doesn't have their own.

    Try shortening light time by an hour. Algae means you have an imbalance of light and nutrients.

    If the pleco stays in one spot during they day like mine, you'll see a pile of waste nearby. They are constantly eatin and poppin
    Check out my 55 Gallon, planted, Philly themed community tank! Rummynose and Cardinals, dwarf cichlids, plecos, shrimps

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    I didn't think my tank was too overstocked, if at all overstocked. The way I see it is, the cardinals stay in the middle of the aquarium, the rams and pleco stay at the bottom of the aquarium. So if I really wanted to I could probably even put a top swimmer in there. If I was to do that I wouldn't get 10 cardinals. I'd probably stick to 7 or 8 which I have been suggested before.

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    I don't consider 2 blue rams, 10 cardinals and a bristlenose that bad for a 20 gallon. you are certainly more heavily stocked than I would like for any of my own tanks, but
    I could see your stock working if you are committed to a good maintenance regimen. however, I do agree with the other posters on the point that 2 plecos is pushing the limit.

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