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  1. Default Clown Killi issues

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    So I have a 5g hospital/quarantine tank thing, and the store i go to [Preuss Pets] got some little clown killis in. So i got 3 and put them in the 5 after dripping them this past Tuesday [19th]. I got their last one the next Thursday [21st], put him in the same tank.

    Brilliantly i didnt research them too much before getting them, though after doing so everything seemed to check out ok except that they liked low PH water, and my 10 and 20 [theyre intended for the 10 with the Paskais, if they live till dec 3rd] stay around 7.6 and 7.8 respectively. 3 days before getting the fish [the friday before last] i did a water change on the 5, replacing half the 25% [so, 12%] with water from the 10, and the rest with RO. I put some plants in front of the filter output [its for a 20, but its a Whisper and has pretty weak flow anyway, but probably a bit much for these guys if there was nothing to slow it]. I did another water change [25%] with only RO a few days ago.

    They're eating baby fish food, as what i feed the paskais [small granule things, very small] were apparently too big. They seem to like it. Yesterday i also gave them from frozen brine shrimp.

    Today, awhile after i fed them [about 30 minutes] i noticed one that had been swimming around fine was now on the bottom of the tank, just sitting there breathing. He's still there [6 hours later], but idk what to do D: ive read they can be somewhat fragile, but i thought i corrected the ph thing. I dont know when the store will get more and theyre so cute i dont want to lose these guys ;-;

    When ive lost fish before, when i noticed they werent well ive tried doing a water change in an attempt to help, but it either made it worse or didnt seem to matter. Seeing as these guys like low PH and it might not be low enough for them, do i do a water change or something else or is this just genetic or something or ;;-;;
    20 gal::: 2 Pearl Gourami [male, female], 6 Harlequin Rasboras [unknown genders], 3 Otocinclus [unknown genders], 1 Betta [male] 1 Calico Bristlenose Pleco [male[?]

    10 gal::: 4 Paskai Rainbow [female, female, male, male], 1 Longfin Bristlenose Pleco [female[?]

    5.5 gal::: 2 [3?] Clown Killifish [unknown genders]

  2. Default

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    By any chance is it sitting upright? I've never kept clown killies, but I used to have a golden killie who would sometimes sit in plants, and I'm thinking maybe some killies like to sit on things. I know a couple of my fish will return to the same spot if they like it, could the killie have done that?
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
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    Are you matching the GH of the water when you do water changes? All fish are sensitive to fluctuations in the general hardness of the water, more so than the pH. Adding RO water is probably changing the GH of the tank water. Also, the bacteria that keeps our tanks cycled can not grow in RO water, are you adding buffers to compensate for this? Have you checked ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels?
    When I go fishing I just throw sharp rocks in the water and wait for the dead fish to float to the top... Kingfisher
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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  4. Default

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    1) He was sitting upright, and i checked before i went to bed and he was still alive, sadly this morning i found his tiny body upside down and unmoving. Also I can only find 2, and only 2 came out to eat. I can't find a body so i'm assuming he jumped out. I can't find a body /outside/ of the tank either so my cat probably got him -___-

    It's a flat LED lid, so im not entirely sure how to close the remaining space next to the filter to prevent future jumping e3e for the food hole i put a little notepad over it. I failed to do so last night after feeding, so that's probably where he escaped if he did.

    2) ............................... Foop, no i didn't. I just now tested the ph [i only have high range solution though] and it read 7.4, which is the lowest on the scale so it could be lower. After reading your post i did the GH, and it turned at 6, and the scale thing says that means 107 [?]. My other tanks usually take 7 or 8 before turning, So i'm taking it has a low GH.

    The tank isn't pure RO water, first it was made identical to the 20 due to a sick gourami, then changed to be more like the 10 [a little over a week ago], and after reading about these fish attempted to be its own thing.

    I don't have ammonia or nitrite [the last test i got at preuss pets showed there was 0amm and 0nitri], but i checked the nitrate and it read as 10. I don't use buffers.

    Test as of 11-21-13 [from preuss]

    ph 7.8
    ammonia 0
    nitrite 0
    nitrate 30
    gh 8
    kh 7

    Test as of 11-25-13

    ph 7.4
    ammonia N/A
    nitrite N/A
    nitrate 10
    gh 6
    kh N/A

    We have well-water [not city] here, so maybe if i do a little water change with well instead of RO that'll help?
    20 gal::: 2 Pearl Gourami [male, female], 6 Harlequin Rasboras [unknown genders], 3 Otocinclus [unknown genders], 1 Betta [male] 1 Calico Bristlenose Pleco [male[?]

    10 gal::: 4 Paskai Rainbow [female, female, male, male], 1 Longfin Bristlenose Pleco [female[?]

    5.5 gal::: 2 [3?] Clown Killifish [unknown genders]

  5. Default

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    After telling the freshwater staff at preuss about it they came up with a little plan thing since the water was apparently perfect for these guys so there was no reason for the two to die*, though the ph was kinda high for them. So i got some… acid buffer? Idk they gave me a small free baggie of it so i don't have a container that says what it is :U anyway i used half a teaspoon and the ph got down to like 6.7, though i haven't used it since since idk what i'm doing.

    The PH and GH are now squatting at 7.5 and 4-5, same as the 10 which is where i want them anyway. Seeing as of tomorrow they'd have been here for 2 weeks and seem fine, could they go in the 10 with the paskais without freaking out too much?

    Also, atm they're only eating Hikari First Bites [baby food], i tried the micro wafers i give the paskais and they were too big apparently. So i got micro pellets [half the size of the already tiny wafers; glorified dust] and they tried but won't eat those either, so I'm stuck using the messy baby food :U atm they're like either and inch or slightly less than an inch, and their tails aren't colored out. Will they eventually get big enough to eat something other than green powder?

    I'm feeding them a tiny amount of the stuff 2-3 times a day, they seem to be getting bigger.

    *The batch at the store apparently all either became ill and/or died. The 4 i got were what they had left, and they did warn me about what happened to the other fish. I saw the fish first when they were there for a couple of days, and there were a decent amount of them though NYFS. I didn't see any corpses or weird-swimmers. I came back 4 days later, and there were only 4 [live] clowns left in the tank. The other fish in the tank were fine, though [don't recall what they were, but they were also very small fish].

    The two that died might have just been from whatever all the other fish had, but idk.
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    20 gal::: 2 Pearl Gourami [male, female], 6 Harlequin Rasboras [unknown genders], 3 Otocinclus [unknown genders], 1 Betta [male] 1 Calico Bristlenose Pleco [male[?]

    10 gal::: 4 Paskai Rainbow [female, female, male, male], 1 Longfin Bristlenose Pleco [female[?]

    5.5 gal::: 2 [3?] Clown Killifish [unknown genders]

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    Try also some frozen baby brine shrimp (thaw in a cup of tank water). I've fed this to angel fry and other very small fish like microrasboras.

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