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  1. Question Hatchet fish and Cardinal tetras keep dying on me

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    Cardinals: So I'm not new to fish keeping in the least and I haven't really had this problem before with cardinals, but lately every time I buy a school of cardinals 6-10 fish, they're all dead in 48hrs max. My water tests out totally fine, it's a fully established tank, regular water changes, but these guys just keep dying. My last group of cardinals I had for a year and then they went belly up from the stress of swapping tanks when I had to move, but I never had any issues building up their school. I'm almost wondering if it's not my fault? It's getting cold where I live and the pet stores are only getting in very small shipments of cardinals (literally they got in a shipment of 7 fish) which means the season is dying down. Could it just be they're dying from the stresses of shipping when its cold and doesn't really have to do with me and I should just wait til spring?

    Hatchet fish: This is my first time keeping these fish and I can't get the buggers to stay alive. I have 4 of them that I still have from my first purchase of 7 from a month ago, but they're a schooling fish so I keep trying to build the school back up, only to wake up the next day and the 2-3 fish I'd bought to finish the school are dead. This has happened 3 times now. The original 4 are still going strong though so I'm starting to think that they may be killing the new fish I add? Is that possible? They do seem to act aggressively towards any new hatchets I put in the tank. I would really appreciate some input from someone who's had hatchets before.

    Any help on these matters would be much appreciated. Nitrate, nitrite, ammonia levels are golden, pH 7.2-4.
    70 Gal Planted Rio Negro Angelfish Biotope with:
    1 Whip Tail Pleco
    7 Hatchet fish
    11 Glo Light tetras, 6 Black Skirted Tetras
    6 Bronze Corys
    3 Wild Type Angelfish
    Current Plants:
    Giant Amazon Sword, Narrow Leaf Java, Val, moss on driftwood

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    How are you acclimating your fish?

    Do you know what the ph of the fish store's water is?

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    Hatchets bicker all the time but they don't draw blood and certainly don't kill.
    Any symptoms? What else is in the tank? Does it offer any cover?

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    The store water is tap so I imagine 7.6-8 because I know they don't buffer it. But the cardinals never even went in the store water, I made sure I got them before they even got Unbagged. Acclimating process is I float them for 10-20 minutes then I open the bag and pour out a little and replace it with tank water and I do that about 5 times, waiting 5-10 minutes in between. Then I net them out of the bags and transfer them to the aquarium.
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    You pour "tap" water or "tank" water into the bags?
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    I meant tank water >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    Hatchets bicker all the time but they don't draw blood and certainly don't kill.
    Any symptoms? What else is in the tank? Does it offer any cover?
    I have driftwood and plants floating, but they prefer the open spaces. I have angelfish in the aquarium, but I have never seem them even look twice at the hatchets. Other than the angels the hatchets are the largest fish in the aquarium. But Ive never seen anyone pick on them other than each other.

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    Hm, angels could bother a juvenile cardinal but they wouldn't easily go after a hatchet.

    Hatchets are wild caught, cardinals sometimes are. What does your shop say about losses? Did the fish show any symptoms at all before dying? Got a full tank shot somewhere (I'm just getting curious really)

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    Cardinals are wild caught most of the time. Well this is petsmart so asking the employees these things doesn't tend to really get me answers. The hatchet fish I believe are actually two different species that got mixed together because I have two distinct types fish now that they're not all stressed and are showing their colors. From what I've read hatchet fish are very aggressive towards other versions of hatchets. So maybe that's what the issue is. And no signs before death other than occasionally basic signs of stress such as lightened color.

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    What I meant with regards to the shop is does anyone have the brainpower to tell you if they've lost an unusual high percentage of new fish recently.

    Hatchets agressive against other species of hatchet? I don't know, would surprise me if they discriminate but I wouldn't rule it out either.

    I'd say either contact the wet spot and get some quality or wait for the rainy season to start in Brazil and fresh imports.

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