So, after going for a few months with high light and no CO2 because I got lazy and didn't refill the DIY mixture, I finally got tired of algae scraping being a part of my water change routine.

I ended up doing a tank revamp and tossing out most of my plants. Mixed up a batch if DIY and started looking at pressurized systems.

I then realized that my female Betta albimarginata was missing. Either I lost her during the water change (difficult to believe because I siphon into a tote and then use the python to pump the water out, so I can check the tote for any stray fish before the water gets pumped outside) or she freaked due to the lack of plant cover and jumped (more likely).

I'm SUPER bummed. This fish was a gift from a friend (along with the male) several years ago. Poor male seems a bit lost. :(

Anyway, I REALLY decided I needed a CO2 system so I ordered a regulator, solenoid, check valve, bubble counter, needle valve, tubing, and inline reactor. I already have a drop checker. Going to pick up a CO2 tank.

Here's hoping I'm able to set it up when it arrives.