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  1. Default Has anyone used this before? (zAMMOlution - fishless cycle ammonia)

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    I came across this stuff while looking online for ammonia for my upcoming fishless cycle.
    Never heard of this brand anywhere before (zAMMOlution).
    Has anyone ever heard of this brand before? Also, the fact that it says "Typical cycle time using zAMMOlution is 7-12 days and builds a strong, healthy colony of bacterial" makes me not trust it very much :/
    Lastly, my parents are worried about having a bottle of harmful chemicals in the house.
    Is it "worse" to do the fishless cycle with fish food? If not, I might just end up doing that.
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    Looks like it's just plain ammonia... it's labelled for use in fishless cycling, but I see nothing that claims it's different from hardware store bottled ammonia.

    As for the "bottle of harmful chemicals", ammonia is a commonly used cleaning product. Assuming you have other cleaning / laundry supplies in your house, you have plenty of other equally harmful chemicals.
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    From what I can tell it's just ammonia with a stupid name. It's expensive for the amount, but if its all you can find then what can you do. A fishless cycle using ammonia should take 2-3 weeks so their claim is not so outrageous. As far as harmful chemicals in the house, what do your parents use to clean things? Just don't breathe the fumes or leave it laying around for children to find.
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    I couldn't see the product too well but I'm sure Brhino is accurate (and right about ammonia being in your home - it's a common cleaning substance)- one thing you should know (if you don't already) is that no product can predict how long a fishless cycle will take - it depends how quickly the bacteria grow - your tank is cycled when your parameters show it is - not when you think "it's been 2 weeks, that's enough cycling".
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  5. Default Has anyone used this before? (zAMMOlution - fishless cycle ammonia)

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    I think my parents think that ammonia for fish tanks are some special, more toxic form or something. :P
    Because yes, we have cleaning products ;)
    So yeah, it's all I can get my hands on, so I guess I'll be getting it!
    Thanks everybody,
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    If you don't go with the times you are gone with the times...

  6. Default

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    Ammonia is the better choice over fish food. Food has to rot before you get the ammonia you need and you would need a lot of it over the time it will take to cycle. Then you have a mess to clean up.

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    Here is what alot of us here use, you can find it at any Ace Hardware store, less than $3 a bottle, if I remember correctly:

    Yes, it is a harmful chemical, and yes, you have to be careful with it (it will burn your nose for a while if you sniff it), but you seem mature enough to handle it, IMO

    The typical American household has MANY chemicals that are only harmful if misused
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  8. Default

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    In case this might be helpful to someone....we don't have an Ace hardware nearby, but we have a TrueValue hardware store (Pacific NW chain, I believe) and they carry a "pure" ammonia without surfactants, perfumes, etc. It's called "Blue Ribbon Pure Ammonia" and priced comparable to the Ace ammonia. Scoured numerous stores before finding it, so if this saves somebody else blowing the gas $ then glad to help.

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    I KNEW there had to be another ammonia out there that would work, thanks for posting
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    Did a little research, if this is the one you are referring to, it only contains 3% ammonia hydroxide, whereas the Ace brand is 10%...would still work I suppose, you'd just have to use more
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