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    well today was fun father in law B day today he turned 83 and he fell and hit his knee and had to be taken to hospital then he had a reaction to the morphine which lowered his blood pressure way low. he has to stay overnight for observation.

    But tonight I am boiling my driftwood for 3rd time. I boil 1 side for abt an hour and half then the other side. when I am done the water looks like a really weak tea but there is a lot of brown still in the water I think it will take a few more boilings to get all the tannins out.
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    too bad about your father in law. I hope all goes well t here.

    I wouldn't worry about any lingering tannins. they will all eventually leach out and in the meantime, I think the light tea tint to the water is kind of pretty. and tannins don't hurt anything.
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    well i am just finished my 3rd one I will probably boil it one more time then call it quits. its more for the wife shes really picky so after 25 yrs of marriage i get left alone because I have esp and can read her mind ROFL

    I got her pretty well trained to where she always leaves me alone and do what I want without asking any questions etc we basically just do our own things around the house and don't complain. it works out really well but the aquarium is something different she wants involved in it so I must do it right
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    well today I got my wood for my stand and went over to dads cabinet shop. it started out rocky with Mr know it all trying to redesign my stand lol by the time he would have been finished with it it would have withstood abt 6 tons weight and cost me 3 grand. finally i told him to shut up and just cut the damn wood i would build it my way and if it fell it was my prob but it is a proven design.

    his answer was i know how to build in strength i don't care what other ppl or aquarium manufacturers do they don't know anything rofl

    that's my papa rofl. but he settled down when he knew i wasn't gonna listen and we got all the lengths cut and stopped for the day as he said it will take him several hours to set up the dado on radial arm saw for our lap joints. IE get the hell home ill finish all the wood the way i want and call you to come get it when im done. I guarantee that's what will happen.

    I also got a 48" t8 2 bulb fluorescent light fixture today for 10 bucks at hardware store will get some grow lights and probably another fixture when I get to doing the hood.

    they also have the aquarium grow lights there for it for 14 bucks for a pair so good price.
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    well I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.

    today im doing some cleaning and then while waiting on dad to set up the saw stuff so I can go out there I will be cutting my outside wood covering and staining it. it will be a light walnut because it will match my wood best.
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    Hope you had a great one too, sure to take soem pics when you and Pop get rolling on the stand
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    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers

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    I just had a brainstorm on my background. see the wife got the background with the roots hanging down and rocks on bottom. If I can go down by the river and find some nice root stock and boil them down, I then cut angles on the ends and silicone them to the back glass giving me a 3D effect. the roots in the background will be like farther away and then the roots attached to the back glass will appear in the foreground.

    it will really look cool that is IF I can find some nice roots.
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  8. #138


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    I am not a big fan of the "picture" backgrounds, but this idea sounds pretty neat!
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    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers

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    me neither but she who must be kept happy liked it. However I think it will work great in this tank due to the picture it is.

    I hit the trifecta today then doubled down and won again!!!!!

    1: Aquarium heater came in today so monday I should have the rest of my stuff

    2: found a local guy on the local fish group that has 1700 gallons of aquariums and offered me as much bacteria media as my filter can handle.

    3: aquarium guy says he has a bunch of juvenile Green Dragon Hairy faced Plecos abt 1 to 1 1-2 inches long and i can have a couple if i wanted. I think it took me abt 4 seconds to think abt it and said heck yea are you crazy of course i want them ROFL (didn't quite say it that way but it was really close to it lol)

    So I thought I would double down and go to an area of the flood plains that has a lot of trees looking for some driftwood that would match the color on my background and Bam I found a couple really sweet pieces brought them home put against the background and they were an almost perfect match color wise.
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    So cool to have a local group of fishkeepers, none in my area that I can clubs or organizations, this far east of Houston anyway...

    The Green Gragon bristle-nose are neat and peaceful, but those long fins are very tempting to any fish that is prone to nipping
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal
    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers

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