Sorry I ask too many dumb questions. Normally, I would read a few books, but I have noticed most books out there are outdated.

Anyhow, I am thinking about setting up a Discus tank sometime in the next few months and I'm doing some research. Right now, a couple of items I am not particularly clear on, and would appreciate some input, are:

- I read from a few different sources that, while discus prefer softer, more acidic water, they tend to do fine in harder water, and that some breeders have been having success at a PH of 8.2 or so. While I do not intend to breed in the foreseeable future, I would like to keep the fish healthy. Can you tell me anything about this?

- I am going to have gravel in my tank, and I am going to have some rocks, I just don't want a bare tank. Now, while plants are great for water quality I read your water changes in a discus tank should be more frequent and larger than other tanks (bi-weekly, up to 50%) - Additionally, keeping the gravel clean is easier without very many plants. So, my question is, considering the frequent and large water changes, am I better off without plants?

- With proper filtration, say, two filters rated for an 80 gallon tank in a 65 gallon, are the frequent and large changes still necessary? To clarify, when I say frequent, I mean more frequent than with other fish.

Thanks in advance for your help.