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    thanks Cliff yea I dont like the part of taking forever to leech it all out I will have to put my taxidermy skills into action and come up with another way. I would use that Krylon or other brand of stone texture spray paint but dunno if it is safe. I am a genius at solving problems like these because at one time or another I needed something like this probably for taxidermy or the aircraft displys I do for museums. so let me ask this question.

    If I was to mix denatured alcohol with my Silicone to dilute it to make it easier to spread would that affect anything?

    I know the alcohol should just evaporate off but dont know if there would be any harmful residues.

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    ok guys I promised you some pics. this took me less than 5 mins to make and with a little more finesse would make an awesome looking cliff (just like our fearless leader ))

    now the only thing I skipped here was the concrete coating but I dont think i really need to show that we all know how to add concrete besides I wasnt abt to buy a 50 lb or whatever bag for this lil thing wouldnt have a use for the rest rofl. I even found some of my old taxidermy pics showing some of the various backgrounds and landscapes I did but their not scanned so cant post.
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    ok so here is the scoop I basically covered this earlier but will add a few "Cliff Notes" lol

    First toothpicks and bamboo skewers are really handy for using as posts for holding the stack together they work great for your foam rocks too until you are ready to glue them all together.

    if you have a spot you want to do a nice overhang remember this is foam rubber so it will go limp I just use a couple bamboo skewers and it holds it night and straight.

    I have taken good ole Elmer's glue and thinned it some with water and let the pieces soak in that for a few mins then let them drain and drip for a couple mins then set on plastic to dry. this makes them hard and stiff so when you set them in place they wont droop and you don't need to stiffen with sticks.

    So the first step is to rip some pieces and start making your stacks. don't worry if the pieces don't match this is nature and everything is random. be sure to not use just one long piece make several short ones so that you have Little caves.

    Last edited by JoeH; 11-18-2013 at 05:29 PM.
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    after they are all made and stacked the way you like you can take apart and start to silicone them together.

    now the part i don't show is you can now concrete them and since they are foam rubber they will absorb a little more than foam but should be able to stay on bottom of tank on their own weight.

    Now after concrete you can use Krylon Fusion Texture Paint and give it its looks and highlight and other fun stuff.

    I didnt have any on hand so for demo purposes only used a can of rustoleum texture paint. and for a fast 5 min cliff wall it actually looks pretty convincing and would look really good and natural if I took my time and concreted it and detailed it a little more with highlights etc

    Last edited by JoeH; 11-18-2013 at 05:35 PM.
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    and there you go guys how to make a cliff using Foam Carpet Backing.

    Now I just tore the edges but to get an even more cool look tear tiny pieces off the tops too it will give that rough look of rubble.
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    Very cool, thanks for sharing....I know I missed it somewhere, but how are you going to get this all waterproof and aquarium-safe for the fish?
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    this was just a tutorial on an alternate method to make small shelf of rock cliffs. it wont be for my aquarium, however you would coat it with concrete like you do the styrofoam, then paint and seal it with concrete sealer.

    so it is the same as styro rocks but your using foam rubber backing instead to get a different type of rock look.
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