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  1. Default Sterbai cory - fungus infection?

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    I've lost two sterbai cory catfish over the last couple of months. Both have had a white cotton-like growth appear and then have been dead within a day or two. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can prevent it from happening again.

    Some background - I have 4 of the sterbai corys, 5 red minor tetras, 5 glowlight danios, and a dwarf gourami in a 20 gallon tank. Whenever I test the water I get 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 20 ppm nitrates. I've never seen any of this fish be aggressive towards any other fish and none of the other fish have ever had any diseases.

    From the research I've done it seems like a fungus infection, but I don't know for sure. Are sterbai corys (or corys in general) prone to fungus infections? Is there a good medicine I can keep on hand in case this happens again? Could it be something else?

    Thanks for any information you all can provide.

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    Without a picture it's difficult to know what sort of infection it might be. Here is a chart with treatments that may help you.
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    It may be columnaris. columnaris is a type of bacteria, but superficially it resembles fungus. however, while fungus is fairly slow, columnaris exhibits the "blitzkrieg" development you described.
    bottom dwellers can be particularly prone to various illnesses due to their lifestyle close to the substrate. cories in general arent particularly susceptible to fungus over all else, but they are certainly a more sensitive group of fish compared with, say, danios and guppies.

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    What substrate do you have and do you vacuum it regularly? trapped food and waste in the substrate is really bad for cories.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

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    It's gravel, which I now know is not best for corys. I do vacuum it once a week. Should I switch to sand? How difficult would that be and would it mess with the cycle of the tank?

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    I highly doubt your gravel has anything to do with the "fungus" developing on your cories, except if it were to somehow hinder you in getting it clean. in this regard I find sand even harder than gravel
    because the substrate gets sucked up right along with the waste.

  7. Default

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    Columnaris is indeed possible, but I'd suspect other fish would be infected.
    No Cory, No Glory !!

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    Thanks for the great info everyone. That is a really helpful chart from mommy1, I bookmarked it and will keep it handy for future reference.

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