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Thread: Better Combo?

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    Default Better Combo?

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    What is the better combination:
    1. Peaceful with Semi agressive Mbunas or
    2. Peaceful Mbunas with Peaceful Haps?

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    A bit more information might help like how big a tank you're considering and what you can get locally.

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    I have a 450L and I want to create an amazon biotope habitat, but I am constantly running into complications and I made a jape earlier about leaving the planted idea and going for a mbuna tank. Well, now I am actually considering it, and just want to look at stocking possibilities.

    Reason why I am considering it, is because our tap water is quite hard (GH16; KH10) with a high pH (8) and I lost almost all my plants in my tank a week ago because the temp went up to 29 degrees Celsius. It might not be such a bad idea if I consider going with what I am given...

    I am busy building a fibreglass 3D background (huuuuge job!!!) that would provide a lot of hiding spaces and I will also introduce a lot of rock structures for the more territorial boys.

    I am not sure what I would be able to get from our 3 local pet shops, but just want to see first if I can fall in love with them first.

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    The temp in itself doesn't need to be a problem. My tank went up to 29c this summer and the plants did fine. You could do it if you'd chose fish species that can deal with those temps.

    Anyway, start reading here: although your tank is a bit bigger still it does offer some combination suggestions that should work well. There's a ton of other information on that site.
    I would strongly advice you to have any stocking idea reviewed by someone who's good with African Cichlids.

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    Wow, thank you! That link is quite a mouthful! I will spend some more time researching before I decide between America and Africa.

    In your opinion, is it worth it to constantly battle to get the water parameters right in order to go for a soft water, low pH, planted tank if that is the opposite of what I am dealt? I love my hobby and I love solving problems, but I do not appreciate climbing a hill with no possible apex.

    Regarding the 29c... I did add a new plant that same day, and initially thought it might have been that plant that killed the rest somehow, but the pet shop convinced me that it was the temp. Apparently it happened in a higher temp discus tank of theirs previously. The plant did look healthy when I bought it tho...

    I will really appreciate your opinion on the water parameters situation.

    p.s. I had a quick look at your photography link and immediately got lost in it! Awesome!

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    There's been a lot of debate here recently about the relevance of water hardness. Personally I think it's best to keep species in water that's closest to where they came from but other people say you can make use of the adaptability of the fish.

    In this case if your water is really quite hard the only realistic way to keep soft water is to have a reverse osmosis filter. That works but you'd need a way to store the soft water and for every liter of soft water you get 3-4 litres of waste water that you cannot drink.

    However, there is central America which offers a lot of species that won't harm plants much and that come from quite hard water. From small livebearers to several large cichlids.

    As to the plant problem.... there's not enough to go on here. I'd need to know which plant species, what you've done to the bottom of the tank and some pictures would be nice. Temperature can kill plants but it usually takes a bit of time

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