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Thread: Hello

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    That is an awesome story, Sassy sounds like she was quite a gal!
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    she was my baby she would sleep under my desk in the office with her head on my feet or let me give her a rubdown with my feet. followed me everywhere and that was when she could tear herself away from the aquarium.

    my mom didnt believe the story when we told her and showed her pics of her sleeping on the pedestal and one day they came down to visit for a couple weeks (we are in northern Illinois again which is home) and they turned the lights off to go to sleep on the hide-a-bed in living room and even though dog was 2 yrs old she whined and whined til mom got up and turned the light to aquarium on she said was the funniest thing she ever saw

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    Sounds like you had a wonderful 13 years with your "baby"...we've had our Ginny (rescue mix-breed) for 2 1/2 years now, and she is pretty much the opposite of Sassy...she is jealous as heck of the fish!...whenever we sit in front of the tank to watch the fish, she will come up to us and drop her "play-ball" or "play-bone" in our laps, trying to get our attention away from the tank and back onto her!.....she's my "baby" too, I know exactly what you mean by that, Joe
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal

    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal

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    I've heard some amazing dog and aquarium stories but this one I will remember for a looooong time! Thanks for sharing!

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    Image - Welcome wave.gif to the AC, the place to be for fishkeeping! Love your Rottie/aquaruim story.

    Joe, I see you are from Moline - are you going to the Aquatic Experience-Chicago at the Schaumburg Convention Center this weekend?

    Here is the link if you are interested -
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    thanks laura no i probably wont be too late in the game to learn abt it for me lol im just getting into this and would love to see lots of cool stuff there has to be all kinds of fish out there that petco and petsmart dont carry which is abt the extent of our aquarium places here that I have found so far. I stopped getting walmart fish long time ago every time I did I would have an explosion of ick in my aquarium so i dont get from them any more even though our local one seems they have someone actually careing for their tanks now as they are always crystal clear and clean and the fish look spritely now

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