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  1. Talking I love my gourami!

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    I have three gourami in a 46 gallon bow front tank. A male and female dwarf and a blue gourami of unknown gender. I was warned when I first got them that the blue would be bad news for the other two but I have a pretty well planted tank with plenty of places to hide. The trio seem to hang out in the open with one another without trouble though, other than an occasional nip when one encroaches on the personal space of another. They even feed together like a bunch of little pigs without fighting.

    Feeding them is so much fun! I spoil them rotten with a combination of freeze dried blood worms, freeze dried brine shrimp, cichlid pellets(they loooove these and attack them as a group), and flakes. There's nothing cuter than getting up in the morning, feeding the fish, and hearing the chorus of slurping sounds that these guys make as they chow down. It totally caught me off guard the first time I heard it but now I look forward to it at feeding times.

    The male dwarf is probably my favorite out of the trio. He's very bold and friendly. When I have to go into the tank to rearrange the plants(someone has been uprooting my cardinal plants), he comes right up to my hand to check out what I'm doing and even brushes against my fingers sometimes. Plus he comes up to the front of the tank every time I'm doing anything nearby to watch. He's just very inquisitive and despite being the smallest of the group, he definitely rules the roost.

    The only question I have about these guys is this: Am I suppose to just let them eat what they're going to eat in a couple of minutes or are they like goldfish, over eating if the food is in front of them? They act like they're ravenous every time I open the lid even though I feed them at least two sometimes three times a day. I don't want to over feed them but if they're hungry I don't want to starve them either.

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    Most fish will over eat if given the chance. Just let them eat what they would eat in a couple minutes. Your gourami would also appreciate some veggies in their diet and I would guess they might be the ones uprooting your plants. Try feeding them some fresh spinach and lettuce.
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    That's good, I've been going by the rule of what they can eat in a few minutes. It just surprises me how fast they wolf it down. Especially with all that greedy slurping they do, ha!

    Fresh spinach is a can do. My family switched from using lettuce on sandwiches to using fresh baby spinach since it has more vitamins and such. Now instead of making BLTs we make BSTs. I'll definitely have to give them some on their next feeding. Should it be minced? Chopped in strips? Let them go after a whole leaf?

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    veggies generally aren't taken very voraciously. the processed stuff just tastes better(kinda like children, you know)
    just offer whole leaves clipped somewhere with a veggie clip and they will gradually nip at it throughout the day.
    sometimes some encouragement is needed for the to eat the healthy stuff. only on fasting days would my honey gourami eat cucumber and the abundant roots of frogbit.

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    Because Gouramis are piggies they get constipated easily - which can be bad - so you've been given good advice not to over feed.
    one a week or so, you could drop some pieces of frozen peas in for them in place of their other food. they'll love it and it will help stave off constipation.
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    I can't get my blue gouramis very interested veggies. They'll sometimes pick at the zucchini that feed to the pleco, but they don't get very enthusiastic about peas at all. I admit that I haven't tried any other type of veg with them. They seem to do well on API Tropical Greens. The tank they're in is pretty heavily planted, but they leave the plants alone.


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    Do you squish up the peas like you would fish flakes, in the water? That's how I get my fish to eat peas. Everyone loves them.
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    If you click on the little "Peas" graphic in my signature, it links to a photo guide on feeding peas.

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    Do all fish enjoy peas?...for instance, tetras and corys?
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    I have yet to try the frozen peas with my fish, I should do that some time.
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